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Discord Quotes - Sharpeye468 - 14-Dec-2019

chipster1059: Anyway, if you combine the level design skills of Chuck and Bill, you get a masterpiece.

Vehudur (AKA Lessinath): Chuck likes bill's slime confirmed....?

Sharpeye: I ship it

Ncrecc: cc r34 when.

Bubbleman: Wait, no. Don't give it 3 Xs (referring to reacts)

That implies you are supporting it

Ncrecc: “chip plugged his male port into melinda's female port"

Sharpeye: it is in fact supported

chuck x bill xxx thanks

chipster1059: plz no


RE: Discord Quotes - chipster1059 - 28-Feb-2020

Craig Vilbig Wrote:One time a boy names Chipothy Challenge wnet on Hunt he got many chips and met gurl then 1 day girl (she named is Melinta) say “hey, chip, you like to go skatin wit me?” An Chips saidd “No, I don’t want to go skatin wit u”

Maligna got the sads and weeped bcuz she think chip do not liek her no more. ahe cri an cri an cri until her eye fall out and she skateds into a fire.

Chinp runs over to her an creatles her as she die. “I say I didn’t LIKE 2 bcuz I would LUV 2 skating!” But Malisa die before he finish saying it.

liek dis if i cry evertim

The long-awaited Chapter II:

at fun-eral, chipothy was said. he did the cri sum moar. melidy was in casket. All teh bitch busters was there an they cri. then chip got a txt and he didn’t look first bcuz he was buzy but then it shook again his pocket and he look. all the bit buster look at they phones an it was a txt that say “I have left u all 1 final challenge and at teh end u will find me”

Chippo look at she casket. Then back to phone. Then to he friends.

“It look liek we got a puzzle to challenge” he say. bim bummers agreed an follow them all back to go to the club home.

Then he frend look at Chimp an say with a startelmen, “but wait! if Melinoma was in the casket................... THE. WHO WAS FONE????????  ?”

RE: Discord Quotes - chipster1059 - 30-Mar-2020

James: opened discord to find ruben staring at me, thought i had lost my mind for a second

RE: Discord Quotes - DeltaCore - 23-Apr-2020

Sharpeye468: stop getting excited about pears