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CCBBC Survey - Summary of Responses - DeltaCore - 29-Oct-2020

I received 23 responses to the Discord/ survey posted on October 23 and have not received any further responses in a couple days, so I figure it is now a good time to post a summary of the results. For those who don't follow our Discord announcements, the purpose of this survey was to better gather information about how people are feeling about our Discord community (as well as opportunities to give feedback on the project as a whole) and to give everyone the opportunity to put their name forward to serve our community in roles like Discord Mod and Scorekeeper if desired.

It is not too late to submit a survey response if you wish: I'll keep the survey open for some time for anyone who wishes to contribute still, although I will likely not post responses left from this point forward for everyone unless it is of general significance to the community.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to contribute constructively! I invite responses below as long as they are also constructive and not an attack of the person providing the feedback.

What are some things you feel are working well on our community Discord?

I thought the responses for this question were excellent and have been able to reproduce just about all of them in full below as the feedback was very generalized.

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What are some things you feel are NOT working well on our community Discord?

Here there were lots of concerns that I do not wish to share verbatim either because it would immediately identify the person who provided the feedback or because some of the concerns raised are best considered by the moderation team in private. That said, below I am including excerpts from the responses to this question that I feel are relevant to the community at large. Some of the responses have been edited or condensed to a summary to help preserve anonymity.

Please rest assured that if you do not see your specific concern(s) in this list that I did receive your full survey response and more complete responses will be shared with the moderation team.

Lastly, it is important to note that not every single item raised as part of these surveys will be taken as an "actionable item". As a path forward, I plan to post an additional thread soon to outline some changes in response to this survey that will attempt to address the highest priority items. However, I do still feel there is value in publishing as much of the feedback provided as possible.

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Do you have any other concerns with any aspect of the our Discord community or the project not mentioned above you would like to raise?

Some scattered feedback which isn't necessarily related to the Discord server.

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RE: CCBBC Survey - Summary of Responses - chipster1059 - 29-Oct-2020

I mostly agree with most of the positive comments, so there's not much to say, beyond a few specific points I wish to address.  Also, I'm rather ashamed of my own short response, considering how detailed some other people were.

Quote:I think it's great how all users are able to provide input and opinions and are listened to!
The "listened to" part could be improved.

Quote:having several people who are excited to see new content
It rather feels like this is not very balanced, though.  JB content is very popular and meme-y, but how many people actually check out Smol's videos?  Or even Dave's, despite his extensive self-promotion (and self-deprecation).  For the record, I don't watch anyone's LPs because of lack of enough free time.

Similarly, newer level designers seem to have trouble getting people to play their levels.  This can be demotivating, and also makes it harder to design better levels.

Quote:for a change the people in the server seem to not be under the age limit.
Wait, there's an age limit?

Regarding complaints.  I have a feeling that most of the "no issues" responses are from newer members, but it's nice to see at least SOME people are having fun Slight smile

The memes seem to be a popular complaint, and I strongly hope this gets addressed.  But, as one of the responses points out, simply removing emojis or banning people isn't the solution.  The attacks are also a major issue that desperately needs resolving.

Also I'm getting sick and tired of getting called out every time I use strikethrough.  It's just part of my typing style.

Quote:It all boils down to some people being unable to follow rule 1, and hiding behind rule 3 when confronted, only enabled by a fairly passive mod team.
That seems to be a very reasonable summary of the main issues.

Quote:I think the server could be a bit more beginner-friendly — maybe just even having an overview of all the resources available in the community in a separate channel and some introductions.  It often seems like a cosy club with established participants and I'm not really part of it.  (I might be completely off though.)
I think the message in #rules does a good job at describing the main resources, although maybe it could be more detailed?  That said, the "cosy club" issue is somewhat of an issue, as I mentioned above.

Quote:I don't think #serious-discussions has its place in the CC discord. The CC community is tight-knit, but I believe it's at the point where people who are close to each other to talk about serious topics should feel comfortable and encouraged to do so in private group DMs and the like.
But unfortunately, whenever this was mentioned in the past, it was quickly shot down...

Quote:A quantified warning system, where accumulating a certain number of warnings results in small but meaningful consequences could help with this.
I like this idea.

Quote:Without context and just as text (without intonation etc.) meanings are easily lost as this accounts for only about 7% of communication.
I really struggle with this.  It's really hard to figure out if someone is joking or serious, if a comment is sarcastic or not, if a react is ironic or legitimate.

Quote:I also believe (from what I feel is a pretty neutral perspective) that some people in this Discord are being bullied.
I have a feeling that I may be both a victim, and part of the problem.

Quote:Interesting discussion is not highlighted in any way (which can be seen as the cost of using Discord, but at times it has worked, though it's hard to point out any reasons).
Yep.  It can be really hard to catch up with discussions that happened when offline.

Quote:Interactions with Allack...
Both sides could have handled all this better.

Quote:It just feels like we should all be having more _fun_ playing & modding this game, y'know?
This should be the ultimate goal.

Quote:It’s hard to remain interested in a community when there’s only a single driving interest.
I suppose that can be the case, unless it's a subject one is totally passionate about (as is the case with me and another community).  But I'm part of a community with NO main interest, and it feels like just an odd mish-mesh of people with nothing in common.

I'll be looking forward to the new thread about how these issues will be addressed.  I have high hopes, but (I hate to say this) I also have low expectations Slight frown