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Chip's Controls - pillowpc2001 - 28-May-2013

File category: Programs and Editors

Chip's Controls is a program for Chip's Challenge and Tile World. It has many tools and features, including:

- Play any level set from anywhere on your computer in MSCC. You can also use a custom INI file and set the "fake" and "real" last levels on which the ending sequence plays.

- Easily edit your INI files and have the scores automatically adjust (to be used for purposes such as levels in a set being rearranged or levels' time limits changing - not for cheating Tongue)

- Automatically generate DAC files for Tile World for all the level sets in your TW "DATA" folder

- Create a CCX file to add a storyline and/or extra information about your set when playing in Tile World 2

Much more information about Chip's Controls can be found at its website:

The download here includes both an installation package for Chip's Controls (chipscontrols-v5.2.exe), and just the program itself (chips-controls.exe). Some computers will be able to run just the program itself without any problems; if you do this and get error messages using certain parts of Chip's Controls, you might have to install it through the setup package.


[Image: pic1.GIF]

[Image: pic6.GIF]

[Image: pic5.GIF]

[Image: pic7.GIF]

What's New in Version 5.2
  • DacGen now allows for creating DAC files for one level set at a time, instead of always re-creating the DACs for every level set in your DATA folder.

  • (Reuploaded April 29, 2019 with setup file and original website pages.)