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Rock-Alpha.dat - rockdet - 05-Jan-2012

File category: CC1 Levelsets

Hello everyone, this is rockdet (or all contracted if you prefer).

This be my very first levelset in its final form. That's right, we're talking about RockG1.dat, renamed for the sake of its designer tastes who wanted to have another form of numerotation. Anyways, 65 levels, it can be played in both rulesets, and you can also find it on the Yahoo page under the same title.

WARNING: It does contain Bloblake, so I'm not responsible for broken keyboards, computer screens and other such devices used to play this set. Teeth

Most recent update includes: Fix for Dual, Lynx fixes for Hockey Game, Kleinesque, The Ksi Factor and Whirl Blast

This is rockdet signing out, see ya around!

Chip Win

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