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CCLXP2 is finally here!

This is CCLP2 modified for Lynx by the community. The beta version of this set was released last year, and here is a game play update that should be final. There are still plans for including better documentation but no more changes to levels are planned.

Included here in the zip is a rough ccx file and dac file and short readme, but you can also download just the set itself. Thanks to all the people who made this possible!


-Miika and the CCLXP2 Team

Confirmed solvable? Yes, Lynx only (description has not meant for MS play)

What's New in Version 1.0
  • No more beta.
  • #28 - Madness I - Added a couple thin walls to fix a bust.
  • #39 - Yike-O-Matic - Removed a block that was not needed after all.
  • #59 - Lot Of Danger - Added water for visual effect.
  • #81 - Just Enough - Changed a tile to a thin wall, making things simpler and avoiding a
  • bust.
  • #95 - Checkerboard II LX - Added gravel to avoid the possibility of mimicking the MS bust.
  • 105 - Yet Another Puzzle - Added more bombs to be more in line with the original.
  • 112 - After the Rainstorm - Fix bust.
  • 119 - Teeth - Edited mechanism to not require odd step.

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