CGA Tileset
Have you ever wondered what Chip's Challenge would look like if it was developed during IBM's Color Graphics Adapter era? No? Damn.

Well wondering or not, it is now a reality. I have created a tileset that adheres to the principles of CGA's Medium Resolution (320 × 200 pixels) mode, each tile is 22 × 22 pixels in size so that the 9 × 9 tile grid takes up an area of 198 square pixels. Each tile also uses a maximum of 4 colours of one of the more common palettes so as to be faithful to the medium.

Of course due to TW shenanigans I've had to upscale the tileset provided by 2 (TW requires tile sizes to be divisible by 4 for... some reason), however if you have the need for the original tiles as they would appear you can simply nearest neighbor downscale by a factor of 2.

Preview of LESSON 1:
[Image: attachment.php?aid=1842]

Download Here:
.bmp   CCCGA.bmp (Size: 107.32 KB / Downloads: 161)

Slightly modified version where the RFF tile "spirals" (not my preferred version but some people like it so here it is):
.bmp   CCCGA spiral RFF.bmp (Size: 107.32 KB / Downloads: 133)

Also big big thanks to magical and Bacorn for helping me with the process of designing and adjusting this tileset, it wouldn't exist without them.

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Hi I'm A Sickly Silver Moon
and I currently develop SuperCC and work on levels from time to time

I also made the world's best CC2 tileset: Lunar
[Image: ZYZWJuE.png]
As well as a very fun CC1 tileset: CGA
[Image: RWZdY7b.png]

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