This is JCCLP3.1 - a much needed, well deserved overhaul of JCCLP3 released back in April 2019! A lot of drastic changes have been made throughout this set, including lots of new levels, updates to some previously made ones, and a considerably steeper difficulty curve!

Still containing 149 levels, most of which were submitted for CCLP5 consideration.

I truly, truly believe these are the best of the best in recent years of my level design career.


JoshL6 (post-149) - 23 15 levels

An oldie at this point but it still deserved a decent amount of representation. These 15 included are what I believe to be my most favorite from this era.

JoshL7 - 43 26 levels

This set is among my most well received sets I've ever made and definitely the source of some of my most fun levels.

Walls of CCLP3 - 66 44 levels

The daunting walls of project that was somehow possible. While it left a lot to be desired with certain wall templates, what I've included from it is among the best of the best, and certainly some toughies too!

TradingPlaces - 15 35 levels

Originally containing 15 levels back when this set was in progress, it has since been completed and is now better represented here. This project was a ton of fun to work on with Jeffrey and holds some of the toughest stuff I've ever designed.

??? - 6 levels

The source of these six is still pending. Could it be JoshL8? Most likely. But my design career has dropped off substantially as it's harder to design things now more than ever. But regardless of where these eventually end up, they're still fun and that's all that should matter!

WoCC1 - 23 levels

These levels come from the currently in progress collab set project with J.B. Lewis and VT. While it is incomplete, most of my third has been finished and I'm pretty confident what I have yet to design for it either won't happen for quite some time or won't be as good as these. Could've included more but what I have, are my proudest designs from this set. :)

I hope you enjoy and have fun playing!

If you just want to play the new WoCC1 levels, they are as follows:

1, 11, 17, 23, 33, 34, 42, 48, 53, 56, 64, 73, 90, 93, 101, 104, 107, 118, 127, 137, 143, 144, 148

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JoshL1 / JoshL2 / JoshL3 / JoshL4 / JoshL5 / JoshL6 / JoshL7 / WoCCLP3 / ???
JoshL / JCCLPRejects

Total: 1,356+

Flareon1 / Flareon2

Total: 75+

Flareon Flareon Flareon Flareon Flareon
Is 101 broken ? I finished it shortly after getting the two yellow keys and there were whole areas of the level I didn't visit, including the hint tile.

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