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September 2023 Time Trial & Mini Comp!
The Time Trial

It's that time of year again. You know, when things happen that haven't happened yet so far this year. It's time for a Time Trial!

I might have mentioned before that I have some levels sitting around that could eventually be used in these competitions. I finally took a good look at them and mapped out a plan for their release. A decent formula for a Time Trial has been to pair up a level that is a bit shorter with something that might take a bit more effort to optimize. Neither type of level achieves its goal if it grows too complicated. Both types need a concept that makes the level interesting and some point of inspiration that gives it direction. An obvious place to dig for some inspiration is to look at what has worked, or even not worked, in the past. Other times a relatively original idea comes by and the level builds itself. The source of inspiration and type of puzzle a level presents are factors when considering which levels to use together in a competition to give them some coherence. Sometimes this leaves levels hanging around looking for the right place to finally appear. This month, I gathered FIVE such levels together, all of the shorter variety, to test your CC faculty! (Also, you can try to figure out the source of inspiration for some of these levels.)

Your task is to download this file and enjoy the levels!

.ccl   CCZ-TT-2309.ccl (Size: 4.39 KB / Downloads: 24)

The primary playing mode for the second level is Lynx, but for the others it is MS. (This is a method to lump both modes into just one category. You can play in either one, but you might not get sole first place if your best score is not in the primary mode.) The last level has separate versions for MS and Lynx. I would love to hear any comments and thoughts you have on the levels!

I prefer it if you send me your solutions at valeosote (at) hotmail (dot) com, or if necessary, you can also hit me up on Discord. The deadline for this competition is the end of September where you live. As always, please feel free to ask any questions about the competition!

Don't forget that you can also participate in...

The Mini Competition

With the advent of more tools to use in optimization, the actual playing of levels, particularly TT levels, may take a back seat. To reward going old school and actually playing the levels, Chip Cup points will be awarded for sending in solutions. You don't even have to optimize the levels, so don't be scared away by a single blob roaming in a level!

Mini comps reward upto five points for entry, so for this one, you receive a point for each level you solve that matches your personal best route on the level. (If you don't separately enter the TT above, any solution you send is automatically your best route. This wording just requires the more competitive players to earn these points as well.) As a bonus for yourself, try to see how many of the levels you can solve on your first attempt :-)

I think that's all I have on my mind for now! I'll post some teaser pics of the levels on Discord. Off to the races!


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