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Greetings, all,

I'm an old-time Chipster of sorts... really more of a kid who submitted some levels, grew up, then realized that growing up is completely overrated.

Long story short, I started a "sequel" to my first levelset ages ago, which I decided to finish recently. You'll find 100 levels of mixed goodness and badness in the MS ruleset because rule-breaking is fun. It's got a lot of old stuff packed in front, but the later levels (from 70 onward or so) are some of my least-sucky creations to date. Might be best to start there. Or not! Or both! Because paradoxes!

Some level previews, for funsies: http://imgur.com/a/wMBfb#0

(As an aside, not being able to embed images makes me a sad Xaser. D: )

The set is more or less in 'public beta' for now, so I'm sticking it in this subforum -- if it seems to be relatively bug- and bust-free (though the latter can be fun Tongue ), I'll submit it to a more permanent place and I suppose someone can boot up a thread in the Level Discussion area. But for now, here's a link:


At any rate, enjoy!

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