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  Cowman's Scores
Posted by: Cowman - Yesterday, 6:43 PM - Forum: High Scores - No Replies

My scores are posted to the following webpage:


I'll make a post here each time my scores are updated. I do not have any new scores that aren't already reported as of 28-Mar-2020.

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Posted by: snacksforsale - 27-Mar-2020, 8:52 PM - Forum: Under Construction - No Replies

the "long awaited" sequel to snacks.dat is here. attached is a set of 9 medium-sized levels, 8 of which are playable in lynx. there were going to be more levels but life got in the way. feedback would be greatly appreciated since i am still new to this. i'll also probably get a little better at this game before starting work on the next level set.

[edit 3/28: level 9 is now playable in lynx. oops]

Attached Files
.dat   snacks2.dat (Size: 5.63 KB / Downloads: 2)
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  Level 100- One Tank's Adventure
Posted by: Syllypryde - 27-Mar-2020, 2:44 PM - Forum: Level Discussion - Replies (4)

The only thing I need to do and can't is get the blue key. There is a south force floor right next to it. The only way to bypass the force floor to get the key is to either place two blocks underneath which is impossible, or use the block by the red door and the fireballs, hence the hint. Here is my problem: Because of the glider that periodically opens the trap and it is impossible to stop it, every fireball I clone all go into the water. No matter how many I clone and no matter how I try to manipulate the green toggle doors, they still all go into the water. So it seems the only way to prevent that is to put the block in the water, but if I do that I have no block whatsoever to block the force floor to get the blue key. 

I have been playing and replaying this level literally half of each day for almost a week. I am completely stumped. I don't understand how it is possible to get that key. Is there something simple I am missing? Does it somehow involve an expert Chipster move? Or does it require fast and frightening reflexes? If it is one or both of the latter two, then I am screwed.

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  ON THE ROCKS "challenge"
Posted by: Hash1 - 27-Mar-2020, 8:15 AM - Forum: General Discussion - No Replies

You know, this is something that is mentioned every now and then, usually as a joke: go to level 33 of CC1 "ON THE ROCKS" and use the blocks to drain the whole level. Sometimes it is suggested to later fill the whole level with blocks once the water has been drained.

Well, I did it. Just to be able to say I was the first person to do it.

No video, just a .tws for proof.

I will also mention that there are spots in the level where it is impossible to occupy it with a block (besides the path to the exit and the ice spaces), mainly due to the walls surrounding the block cloners being in the way. In retrospect, I realize some of them where actually possible to fill up with a block, with extra maneuvering, but anyways, it was already too late, plus there aren't more than 4 or 5 of these squares, so it's good enough.

Also, the .tws was made with Tileworld 2.2.0. just in case there are compatibility issues.

.tws   CHIPS.DAT-ms.dac.tws (Size: 37.89 KB / Downloads: 4)

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  April 2020 Time Trial - Chip on Steroids!
Posted by: Ihavenoname248 - 22-Mar-2020, 1:29 PM - Forum: Competitions - No Replies

It's been a while since the last competition here- let's change that up! A Sickly Silver Moon recently posted a modification of Tile World that allows Chip to move on every update, up to 20 times per second. And so, your task is to use that version (linked here) to get the best scores you can on 3 already released levels that I think will highlight how this modification plays best. To show some of the differences, I've played through intro.dat and included my TWS for it for some examples. The 3 levels for this competition are Outlaw from Walls of CCLP3, Open Water Diving Certification from Walls of CCLP1, and Irradiated Radiator from Walls of CCLP4.

Linux version of the TW mod


  • Use the linked build of Tile World to play the levels listed above.
  • Send your TWS file to IHNN#3459 on Discord, and I will respond confirming that I've received it.
  • Don't share your solutions or times until the deadline.
  • Entries will close on May 1st, when CC2LP1 voting closes.
  • Whoever has the best total time on the 3 levels wins!
  • Pro tip: Change your keyboard settings to the fastest possible key repeat rate to go faster, sooner.

.dat   CCZ-TT 04-2020 Chip on Steroids.dat (Size: 2.3 KB / Downloads: 8)

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  Draconic Quagmire
Posted by: Razorflame - 19-Mar-2020, 4:48 PM - Forum: CC1 Level Packs - No Replies

I've started to make level sets, and I've released Draconic Quagmire.  It will feature the first 149 levels that I create and like enough to keep in a level set.

It will be constantly updated until there are 149 levels in it.

A level list will be provided in this post:

Format will be as follows:

Level # - Name - Time Limit - Current Bold

The list:

Level 1 - Blob Blob Revolution - 999 - 825


Attached Files
.dat   Draconic Quagmire.dat (Size: 1.2 KB / Downloads: 4)
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  3 New Moderators
Posted by: Cowman - 15-Mar-2020, 2:58 PM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

Hi all,

I'm happy to formally introduce the following new moderators to the CC Zone team:

The three above were instrumental in helping me sort all the file and gallery imports from the old CC Zone and will continue to assist with further migration cleanup going forward.

Moderators differ from Senior Moderators in that they are not typically involved with issuing bans or resolving disputes between users. Their role is primary housekeeping: moving, splitting and locking threads, updating broken posts from the CC Zone conversion, etc.

You may also notice a couple new roles have been added to identify those who moderate our other BitBusters.club related sites: Discord Staff, Scorekeeper and Wiki Staff. These users have no additional moderator access on CC Zone compared to a standard user.

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  Please restore the Special forum...
Posted by: andyrkki - 08-Feb-2020, 8:59 AM - Forum: Feedback - Replies (4)

... and rename it to "CCLP1 Discussion".

First of all, it makes no sense to have a CCLP4 Discussion forum but keep the CCLP1 one hidden. In each case, the threads provide valuable info on how that levelset was developed. And while there are some other threads in the Special forum, the vast majority are CCLP1-related, and the rest can be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

Second, it's kind of my fault that that forum was made invisible, as a request that I'd made concerning one of the threads in it triggered that change. Had I known it was a serious possibility, I would have made my opposition to such a move clear right away. Regardless, I feel it's my duty, in a sense, to try to have this mistake corrected.

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  Made a new level after several months break, any feedback? any feedback?
Posted by: GavinD - 06-Feb-2020, 6:14 PM - Forum: Level Discussion - No Replies

I'm wondering if it is challenging or too straight-forward.

Attached Files
.c2m   055-xtowin.c2m (Size: 1.18 KB / Downloads: 10)
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  I had to sign up for a new account
Posted by: GavinD - 06-Feb-2020, 5:27 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (4)

I know the password for my previous name (Gavin) but forget which email I used to sign up with, and this forum requires the email address to log in.

Also what about all the files that were uploaded to the cczone website? Have they all been transferred over here or do they all need reuploaded manually here again?

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