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  I uploaded a level set to Steam Workshop, how to update it?
Posted by: GavinD - 20-Sep-2020, 9:09 AM - Forum: General Discussion - No Replies

I tried to update it but ended up uploading a duplicate set.

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  If teeth could play music...
Posted by: NiHaoMike - 17-Sep-2020, 6:53 PM - Forum: General - No Replies

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  CC Emulator for Android
Posted by: sombies - 15-Sep-2020, 7:39 PM - Forum: Programs and Editors - Replies (9)

Inspired by Rommy's on android (and with a bit too much free time during covid), I have built a CC emulator in Unity for android. Nothing too fancy, but a quick and dirty way to get your Chip fix on mobile.

Supports custom skin files and a level pack uploader built into the app (thus the file access permission request, which is not required to play). No ads, all free.

I am always interested in feedback, as long as you don't ask me to overhaul it :P



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  Crystal Mines II - or more related to Chip's Challenge that you may think
Posted by: JDGP030302 - 06-Sep-2020, 12:17 AM - Forum: General - No Replies

Hello everyone, i want to talk (well, write) about this neat action puzzle game called Crystal Mines II, created by Ken Beckett.
 EDIT: There is an in interview with Ken Beckett and C. Scott Davis here. Another one with only Ken here.
 The premise is simple, you use a remote controlled robot to explore a mine in another planet and search for crystals while destroying and avoiding monsters. At a first glance the game may look like Boulder Dash, but it is a different experience. First, the movement is smooth and not grid based. Also, the robot can attack enemies by firing energy balls at them. Each level have a crystal quota, completing it makes the exit appear. Most also have a time limit. Points are given for enemies and obstacles cleared, complete and also collect crystals over the quota, items and bonuses (gold, silver and copper).
 The first level of the game
 The crystals: white (10), red (7), green (5), purple (3), yellow (1).
 These 4 liquids are slime (green), mud (brown), tar (black) and lava (red).
 Before CC2 had the transmogrifier, this game had yellow transmutation pipes. 
 Crystals and enemies can go trough pipes, but not the robot.
 These enemies can be blown to get crystals.
 Bombs are important not only to blow enemies, but also to solve some puzzles.
 Treads for liquids, saw for blocks, parasol for boulders, radioactive protection for radioactive things, shield for explosions and fireball for smashing. No hint tiles, though.
 The game also takes some ideas from Chip's Challenge (another Lynx game) such as the 4 letters passwords, giving names to the levels (some of them being puns, references or hints) and the ability to skip levels. Not only that, C. Scott Davis created levels for both this game and Chip's Challenge 2. Read some similarities about the 2 games here.

 This level style is similar to CC2 Seven Up and Down and Out, no?

 Something neat about this game is the presence of bonus levels. While the regular grey exit takes the robot to the next level, the multi colored one is for accessing them.

 As if 150 levels, 30 bonus levels and also a secret one were not enough, the game received an expansion pack called Buried Treasure. Other than the fact that it have (in my opinion) too many filler levels that are just variations of another one (sometimes even from the original!), it is worth playing for those that liked the original. That expansion pack have 109 levels, 15 bonus levels and also a secret one that is password exclusive.

 Also while it was originally created for the Atari Lynx, the game is available for Nintendo DS and iOS, those versions allows saving scores and have the levels of the expansion pack.

 If you have the opportunity to play this games don't miss it!

 Related games:

 Crystal Mines: An unlicensed NES game made by Ken Beckett and published by Color Dreams. Features 100 levels, the last 50 are reversed variants of the first 50 but with some elements altered and different quotas and time limits. All of the elments of II first appeared here, although with different behaviors. The author released the source code for this game.

 Exodus: Ken mentioned in an interview that after Color Dreams turned their attention to Wisdom Tree, Ken allowed them to modify Crystal Mines (I) and make some changes to the code and replace the graphics. This game was the result.

 Joshua: A sequel to Exodus made by Wisdom Tree, featuring 100 original levels with the last 50 being reversed variants of first 50. Also, it adds new game elements, some borrowed from CM2 and some original. Notably it have passwords, 20 bonus levels plus a secret one.

 Chip's Challenge 2: C. Scott Davis created some levels for this game after working on Cristal Mines I & II. As previously mentioned, some level names and design styles of his levels are shared between CC2 and CM2.

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  CC2LP1 Leaks!
Posted by: quiznos00 - 04-Sep-2020, 9:37 AM - Forum: Chip's Challenge 2 - Replies (5)

CC2LP1 pack assembly is still underway, the level ordering is being tinkered with and a few more busts need fixing. But in the meantime, here's some info about the levels! The misc facts at the bottom have been being discussed in the CCBBC Discord, so head over there if you're interested.


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Posted by: GavinD - 02-Sep-2020, 7:20 PM - Forum: General - Replies (1)

I have trouble logging into Discord then accessing the CC room. If I log in it takes me to a page with a key on it that says "Welcome back. Beep boop beep boop" but there are no links on that page, and if I manually go to another discord URL it logs me out.

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  9by9.dat (Beta)
Posted by: vortex178 - 30-Aug-2020, 11:36 AM - Forum: CC1 Level Packs - No Replies

A few months ago, while I was experimenting with new ideas for a levelset after my WoCCLP2 project failed, I thought of making a set of levels with a very interesting gimmick - all levels will be confined in a 9x9 space. I approached Josh with the idea, and asked him to collab with me on this project, which he thankfully agreed to do. While the project had been on hold for quite some time due to various commitments on either end, we recently managed to build a combined 20 levels which are confined within a 9x9 space (or at the very least, has the main solving area within a 9x9 space).

12 levels by me, 8 by Josh, sorted roughly in difficulty order. We aim to reach 149 levels someday. The current version is admittedly quite block heavy, but there's definitely more coming in the near future. Feedback would be much appreciated :)

.dat   9by9_beta.dat (Size: 7.14 KB / Downloads: 8)

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  VT's Walls Of CCLP1 (Beta)
Posted by: vortex178 - 26-Aug-2020, 7:34 AM - Forum: CC1 Level Packs - No Replies

"Walls of" levels have given the CC community some real gems since they became a thing. We got WoCCLP4 from Jeffrey, WoCCLP3 from Josh, and WoCCLP1 from JB. I've decided to have a go at CCLP1's walls to see what I could make out of them, after seeing Josh's LP and reaction to WoCCLP1.

Will update the set every ten levels. Here's the first 10, in difficulty order . Feedback would be much appreciated.

Shoutout to Josh for playtesting and helping me improve the levels I've made so far through constructive feedback. Flareon

.dat   VT_WoCCLP1_beta.dat (Size: 9.91 KB / Downloads: 6)

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  My CC2 set is updated and now on Steam!
Posted by: GavinD - 07-Aug-2020, 6:32 PM - Forum: CC2 Level Packs - No Replies


Comments welcome.

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  Knytt Stories tileset
Posted by: ncrecc - 07-Aug-2020, 2:35 PM - Forum: Tilesets - No Replies

This was bundled with a CC2 levelset I made for the Knytt Stories community as part of an April Fools' joke (in what other context would making a CC2 level for another community make sense, really). There's a member there named LPChip and the rest just came together pretty naturally. I've shown this in a few gifs, and Moonman and Chipster seemed to like it, so here you go I guess.

Characters, enemies, and tiles are reskinned to look like stuff from Knytt Stories, except gender signs which are just reskinned blue/pink for niceness, hiking boots which I made look different from fire boots as an experiment, and Chip himself who's modeled after a character that represents LPChip. Purple force floors and their respective boots are a reference to a KS mod that adds purple tiles which move you in their direction against your will.

Attached Files
.bmp   lipchip.bmp (Size: 513.05 KB / Downloads: 14)
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