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  June 2024 Create Competition - Item Bestowal
Posted by: quiznos00 - 31-May-2024, 11:03 PM - Forum: Competitions - No Replies

Hello, in order to satisfy my desire for more CC2 content I am holding a CC2 create competition. Item bestowal is a CC2 glitch that was discovered shortly before CC2LP1 submissions closed, so not too many levels have explored the concept yet. It allows dirt blocks and all monsters to pick up items they normally couldn't, e.g. a fireball could pick up flippers and be able to safely travel over water.

The only rule of this competition is to create a CC2 level that uses item bestowal in a creative way. Giving items to ghosts, rovers, mirror players, and bowling balls does not count as item bestowal since they can normally pick up items. You can read the Wiki article linked above for more details.

Send your submissions to me via forum message or Discord (my username there is quiznos00) by 2024-07-01 4:00am UTC. You may submit up to 3 levels which should all be solvable.

If you want some inspiration, check out these existing levels which use item bestowal and have replays available:
* Walls of CC1 #123 (The Iceworm Cometh): has dirt blocks (which transform into ice blocks) with hooks
* Same Coin #13 (Sharktooth Lagoon): has teeth with flippers
* TSBeta #15 (Cybernetically Enhanced): has a tank with suction boots, a yellow tank with a hook, and a teeth monster with flippers and a helmet
* C1059-CC2 #226 (Gifts for Gliders): has gliders with many different items
All four use the "force floor method" for item bestowal. TSBeta #15 additionally uses the "animation method" to give the helmet to the teeth monster and the yellow tank/block variant of this method to give the hook to the yellow tank. You can ask more questions in this thread or on Discord.

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  The Best Chips Challenge Level
Posted by: Sharpeye468 - 24-May-2024, 10:14 PM - Forum: General Discussion - No Replies

After a brief discussion in #sandbox on discord, I wanted to bring forward the idea of a big poll to determine what the best chips challenge levels are (both by set, and then overall). I wanted to avoid previous polls in the past that used a bracket system to determine the best levels in a head to head matchup as I figure they could be flawed in their methodology.

In this case, the polls are broken down into each of the CCLPs (lol I forgot CCLP5 originally which is why its 223, and the overall one is 224), and then there's a final one with all 870 levels in it. The concept is simple, the poll will show two levels at a time, you click which one is better, repeat.

Eventually (I'm not sure how the new "AI-generated analysis" works, but let's pretend it does) with enough results, the site is able to aggregate the results of all of the voting, to then predict which level would win in a random simulation. The level with the most picks should obviously have the best chance of winning.

CC1: https://all-our-ideas.citizens.is/group/217
CCLP1: https://all-our-ideas.citizens.is/group/218
CCLP2: https://all-our-ideas.citizens.is/group/219
CCLP3: https://all-our-ideas.citizens.is/group/220
CCLP4: https://all-our-ideas.citizens.is/group/221
CCLP5: https://all-our-ideas.citizens.is/group/223

All: https://all-our-ideas.citizens.is/group/224

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  bobdabaron's scores
Posted by: lurker03 - 18-Apr-2024, 8:08 PM - Forum: High Scores - No Replies

finally got email activation to work and able to post @_@ been lurking for years (hence the secondary handle when the preferred "bobdabaron" didn't work out), I'm definitely not on the upper tier of competitiveness, but figure I might as well post some "pretty alright" casual scores for CCLP5, few if any bolds, just a respectable average :p I kept solutions that found the secret hints, because those seemed more "fun"/important than ultramax times

CCLP5 (Level Titles): MS/Lynx
001 (Lesson Zero): 181/178
002 (Multipurpose Tool): 291/287
003 (Paparazzi): 230/227
004 (Key Free): 237/235
005 (Fragmented Lamina): 191/191
006 (Choice Tools): 358/349
007 (Trading Post): 314/309
008 (Trick or Trap): 201/202
009 (Secret Jungle Laboratory): 299/287
010 (Ages Beyond): 243/242
011 (Pyramid Scheme): 180/179
012 (Vault Line): 202/197
013 (Cardboard Cutout): 264/260
014 (High Fidelity Flame): 219/213
015 (Heterochromia): 296/293
016 (Moving Day): 265/256
017 (There Goes The Neighborhood): 331/328
018 (Press Any Button to Continue): 237/236
019 (Hue and Saturation): 287/275
020 (Forbidden Island): 318/314
021 (Slime Sliding): 332/319
022 (Capim Town): 349/346
023 (Elastic Energy): 916/918
024 (Uphill Battle): 338/331
025 (Drops of Jupiter): 370/365
026 (Deephaven): 281/267
027 (Dumbbell Dichotomy): 322/320
028 (For Want of a Nail): 357/352
029 (Sandshaker): 209/200
030 (Ragged Mountain): 451/442
031 (Sealed Chamber): 237/232
032 (Socket Shrine): 388/380
033 (Terre Haute): 953/952
034 (Spirit River): 368/358
035 (Fortune Ravine): 395/389
036 (Charmed Ridge): 328/316
037 (Quantified Nerves): 369/359
038 (Exit Exaggeration): 314/304
039 (Mysterious Geoglyph): 414/406
040 (Wealth and Corruption): 398/393
041 (The Dividing Line): 335/328
042 (Instigate and Exfiltrate): 544/528
043 (Verdant Cavern): 328/328
044 (Thunderwave Cave): 386/376
045 (Insert Name Here Caverns): 244/234
046 (Axis Point): 328/329
047 (The Toggle Station): 288/279
048 (Tank Game Reborn): 453/449
049 (The Sound of Silence): 891/885
050 (The Unwinding): 836/798
051 (Nitroglyceryn Below 57F): 623/588
052 (Magma Cone): 244/240
053 (Reproducing): 887/877
054 (The Slaughterhouse Is Open for Business): 338/337
055 (Dauntless Extraction): 330/333
056 (Smoke Inhalation): 506/492
057 (Irradiated Radiator): 316/309
058 (Warehouse of Lost Hopes and Dreams): 465/448
059 (Clone Machine Factory): 310/306
060 (Fuego Ironworks): 521/510
061 (Snowbound): 396/376
062 (Unlock Block): 281/280
063 (Party Trap): 262/256
064 (Condemned Facility): 378/384
065 (The World Has Turned and Left Me Here): 317/303
066 (Tornado Alley): 523/513
067 (Manhattan Stoplight): 952/953
068 (PPPuzzles): 679/663
069 (Shady Oasis): 280/269
070 (Ski Resort Town): 651/604
071 (Amethyst Mine): 422/412
072 (Miner Setbacks): 692/689
073 (Three Boot Night): 504/480
074 (Dark Hollow): 294/290
075 (Canyon of Lost Color): 567/553
076 (Yellow Fever): 362/355
077 (Avenues of Zagreb): 624/584
078 (Salsa Verde): 445/433
079 (Drawn and Quartered and Quartered): 618/613
080 (Indigo Lagoon): 574/565
081 (Numbskull): 961/956
082 (Encrypted Malware): 342/335
083 (Polarity Isle): 363/359
084 (Piston It Away): 448/442
085 (Sokoban Adventure): 723/705
086 (Phantasmal Stalkers): 328/327
087 (Network Corruption): 321/309
088 (Flypaper): 737/740
089 (Hacking to the Gate): 371/358
090 (Decrepit Crypt): 464/447
091 (Airletter Shop): 414/400
092 (Glamorous Diamond Downs): 570/554
093 (Shuffling): 561/554
094 (Feat After Feat): 510/496
095 (Room of Requirement): 293/285
096 (Sour Apple Cider): 471/474
097 (Color Disaster Inertia): 523/513
098 (Closed Circuit): 883/882
099 (Cosmic Express): 67/58
100 (The Most Interesting Block in the World): 552/539
101 (Barefoot Bandit): 346/340
102 (Minimalist Art Gallery): 512/503
103 (Illicit Logging Facility): 521/500
104 (Escape the Monotony): 230/220
105 (Beyond the Facades): 474/456
106 (Slimefield): 429/429
107 (Bento Box): 403/387
108 (Brown Note): 579/577
109 (Let's Square This Away): 331/321
110 (Another Perspective): 827/817
111 (Aquatica): 475/463
112 (Melancholia): 363/362
113 (Power Plant Peril): 591/579
114 (A Love for Puzzles): 543/539
115 (Titanic Monarch): 415/408
116 (Sho Sheng Shui): 484/459
117 (Cluster Two): 656/620
118 (Lightning Before the Thunder): 651/659
119 (Unsanitary Waters): ---/479
120 (Fray Manor Isle): 776/763
121 (Lockjaw): 876/866
122 (Expanding Warehouse): 510/500
123 (Sandstorm Shelter): 603/602
124 (Dig Me Out): 450/445
125 (Holiday Spirits): 427/427
126 (Master Carpenter): 424/403
127 (Wastelands of Tabora): 727/704
128 (Fahrenheit Frenzy): 112/110
129 (Rundown Railyard): 788/774
130 (Apocalypse Wow): 626/609
131 (You Break It, You Buy It): 459/458
132 (Prism Concerto): 796/761
133 (Emblazoned Altar): 429/416
134 (Flotsam and Jetsam): 732/703
135 (Crux of the Matter): 725/695
136 (Molten Crater): 737/736
137 (Gravelways): (still stumped by)
138 (Eternal Engine): 672/647
139 (Udassa): 783/728
140 (Yet Another Perspective): (SO CLOSE to solving, but not yet)
141 (World Revolution): 729/712
142 (Crown Jewels): (still stumped by)
143 (Lagoon of the Low Tide): (still stumped by)
144 (Culmina Crater): 771/751
145 (Pardon Our Dust): 570/562
146 (Broken Paradise): 824/808
147 (Lounge Act): 681/666
148 (Brute Force): 683/656
149 (Shadow of the Day): 732/716

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  CCLP5 Patch Vote: Another Perspective
Posted by: MilkyWayWishes - 16-Apr-2024, 5:38 PM - Forum: CCLP Discussions - No Replies

As some of you may be aware, recently an issue was discovered with Another Perspective (level 110) in CCLP5 and it was heavily discussed if it should be patched or not. The specific issue is that a recessed wall was accidentally added at (3, 14) in place of a wall, which made it so that the level was no longer a mirror image as it was designed. This was an error introduced by the original designer during the submission process that was not caught until after release, however it is an important thematic level and was one of the highest-rated levels in voting. Given opinions were highly divided on the issue, it was decided to hold a poll for one week and allow the community to decide what should be done.

The specific issue can be seen here, this is the bottom of the level where Chip starts:
[Image: attachment.php?aid=2260]
and this is the top:
[Image: attachment.php?aid=2259]
note the added recessed wall that breaks the mirroring.

Other issues to note is that this could change solutions to the level and cause incompatible scores in future, however it's currently believed that any score achievable by using this recessed wall can be easily achieved without it. Alongside other issues like the set update not reaching out the local community to others who have likely already downloaded and started playing the set.

Attached Files
.png   AP top.png (Size: 1.92 KB / Downloads: 435)
.png   AP bot.png (Size: 2.1 KB / Downloads: 438)
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  April 2024 Create Competition - Mosaic
Posted by: snacksforsale - 01-Apr-2024, 11:44 PM - Forum: Competitions - Replies (3)

Greetings. It's Tuesday, which means it's time for another Create Competition. This is CC1-only.

A mosaicist takes pre-existing objects, breaks them up, and arranges them into something new. Your challenge is to channel this medium by making a level from pieces of levels of any of the five Chip's Challenge Level Packs. Think "Quantum Entanglement" from JBLP1, which I didn't find until after I had the idea for this competition.

Here are my capricious and arbitrary restrictions:

  • You must take tiles from at least 5 levels.
  • You must take 16 to 81 tiles (inclusive) from a level.
  • The tiles you take from a level must be contiguous (i.e. connected at one or more edges to another tile from the same level). Your level pieces do not have to be perfect squares; if you use more interesting shapes, I will be more interested.
  • You can't rearrange the tiles you take from a level, but you can move the entire set of tiles from its original location. For example, if the original level has a yellow key at (0,0) and a yellow door at (0,1), you can't swap the key and the door, but you can move the key to (16,16), the door to (16,17), and all the other tiles 16 spaces right and down.
  • You are allowed to change trap and clone connections.

I suspect that making a good, novel level will be unusually tricky, so the deadline is May 14 at 23:59 UTC, six weeks from today. I'm willing to grant an extension if people are having trouble. Please submit one level with a list of the levels you used via Discord DM or forum PM. Levels which are unsolvable or which break the rules will be disqualified.

I'll use the same criteria I used last time. I want to have fun, I like puzzles over melee levels, I want you to adhere to the spirit of the competition, and I will be impressed if the level looks good. But the last time I hosted a create comp, the 5th place level made it into CCLP5. So feel free to ignore my feedback entirely and just have fun with the prompt.

If you have any questions, please ask them in this thread or in #competitions on Discord. (Like most people, I check Discord much more often.) If there's an important clarification or change on the Discord, I will cross-post it here.

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Posted by: snacksforsale - 03-Mar-2024, 1:18 PM - Forum: High Scores - Replies (7)

Posting my bad scores under duress.

1: 118
2: 212
3: 160
4: 114
5: 127
6: 238
7: 169
8: 169
9: 176
10: 219

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  CCLP5 Release!
Posted by: jblewis - 01-Mar-2024, 6:59 PM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

You've been patiently waiting - and now the time has finally come! CCLP5 can be downloaded here: https://bitbusters.club/downloads/CCLP5.zip

On behalf of the CCLP5 staff, thank you all for playing! We hope you enjoy this set and the adventures that await in this new collection of challenges.

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  Earthling's Scores
Posted by: Earthling - 01-Mar-2024, 11:29 AM - Forum: High Scores - Replies (15)

I realized a lot of my scores are missing from the scoreboard, so here we go.

Times for CC1 in MS mode on Tile World (Only listing the ones where I've gotten a better time than what's currently listed on the scoreboard):

#1 (LESSON 1): 83
#4 (LESSON 4): 116
#5 (LESSON 5): 85
#6 (LESSON 6): 94
#7 (LESSON 7): 136
#9 (NUTS AND BOLTS): 306
#11 (TRINITY): 211
#12 (HUNT): 259
#17 (NICE DAY): 81
#18 (CASTLE MOAT): 552
#20 (TOSSED SALAD): 335
#21 (ICEBERG): 104
#22 (FORCED ENTRY): 277
#26 (CHCHCHIPS): 248
#27 (GO WITH THE FLOW): 136
#29 (ARCTICFLOW): 289
#34 (CYPHER): 297
#35 (LEMMINGS): 543
#39 (GLUT): 16
#41 (I.C. YOU): 165
#43 (LOCK BLOCK): 123
#45 (MONSTER LAB): 188
#46 (THREE DOORS): 221
#49 (PROBLEMS): 160
#51 (I SLIDE): 654
#52 (THE LAST LAUGH): 381
#53 (TRAFFIC COP): 478
#55 (POTPOURRI): 62
#58 (LOOP AROUND): 511
#60 (SCOUNDREL): 286
#63 (BLOCK FACTORY): 474
#69 (BOUNCE CITY): 212
#74 (PLAYTIME): 344
#75 (STEAM): 477
#90 (PLAYHOUSE): 311
#91 (JUMPING SWARM): 361
#92 (VORTEX): 400
#96 (PARANOIA): 315
#102 (ICEHOUSE): 175
#104 (JAILER): 201
#107 (BALLS O FIRE): 244
#108 (BLOCK OUT): 269
#110 (CHILLER): 248
#113 (OPEN QUESTION): 447
#124 (FIRETRAP): 647
#127 (SKELZIE): 435
#128 (ALL FULL): 290
#129 (LOBSTER TRAP): 242
#132 (MIX UP): 598
#138 (PARTIAL POST): 186
#140 (ICEDEATH): 258
#149 (SPECIAL): 950

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  A New Adventure Begins
Posted by: jblewis - 27-Feb-2024, 12:42 AM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

“Chip!” Melinda shouted excitedly.

Chip McCallahan dashed into the Bit Busters Clubhouse’s control room, where his high school sweetheart was waiting to greet him. As he and Melinda embraced, his briefcase snapped open, and the papers inside flew about. It felt like Chip was experiencing slow motion as they floated to the ground.

“Oh,” he said bashfully with a knowing chuckle. “Guess I should’ve set that down first.”

“No worries!” Melinda replied. “It’s so good to see you. What’ve you got in here anyway?”

As they picked up the papers, a wave of memories swept over Chip. It had been years since he first set foot in the clubhouse and completed Melinda’s original challenge. He had periodically returned for more as the ranks of the Bit Busters grew, and new levels were made. But life often pulled him and Melinda in different directions. She was still supervising the level design guild of the club, while after a period of solitude at Mental Marvel Monastery, he landed himself a modest job as a teacher at Chip Grove City High School. His new position had brought the two of them together again.

“Are all these tests from your students?” Melinda asked.

“Yeah. As much as it can feel tedious to grade these, it’s nothing like pushing blocks around in your first clubhouse, you know!” Chip said teasingly.

“Hey, now,” she said. “We’ve both come a long way since then! And as a teacher, you get to be the new faculty sponsor for the Bit Busters’ chapter at Chip Grove City High, right?”

“That is true,” Chip said. The melancholy in his voice was evident. “I love welcoming new recruits into the club and seeing them grow. But sometimes I wish I could come back here more to test out all these new amazing levels you all have worked so hard on.”

“Well… you might just have your chance. We’ve been working on a new challenge for some of our most dedicated members! But… there’s been an incident.”

“Really?” The spark returned to Chip’s voice. “How can I help?”

“We’ve started doing something new,” explained Melinda. “You know how you used to have to deal with those blobs smothering you when my lab experiments went awry? Now the Bit Busters don’t have to worry about that! All the levels have been converted into virtual reality spaces. They’re stored in these.” Melinda held up something that looked like a miniature crystal ball.

“What’s that thing?” Chip asked.

“It’s a storage device and a portal of sorts, all in one,” said Melinda. “Whenever you push this little button here, you get transported into a level! It’s kind of like a virtual pocket dimension. You can go through a challenge as many times as you need to, and now without any bodily harm!” Melinda was especially proud of that development.

“So today’s Bit Busters don’t have to get clobbered by those pesky walkers anymore?” Chip wasn’t sure how to feel. “I kinda wish this technology was around back in the day!”

“Me too,” Melinda mused as her thoughts also started drifting into the past. Much had happened since she and Chip first went to the e-prom after he completed her first clubhouse all those years ago. “But all we can do is improve what we can and move forward. Right now, the problem is… all the virtual reality bubbles for our new clubhouse got scattered throughout Chip Grove City and the surrounding areas.

“Really?!” Chip was shocked. “How did that happen?”

“Well…” Melinda replied sheepishly, “It was my fault. I learned pretty quickly not to store these things out in the open and all in one place. Especially not on the rooftop! They’re still in development and can be a little unstable around each other. The combined force was so much that they pushed each other away! But the good news is they can be safely put into these little boxes.”

“Oooh, shiny!” Chip felt like a little kid holding a new toy as he examined the box.

“Think of them like little Faraday cages for the bubbles,” said Melinda. “They’re safe when they’re in here. And what’s even better is that the bubbles are designed to teleport back into these boxes once the level inside has been completed.”

“I think I got it!” The wheels were starting to turn in Chip’s head. “Are you saying that if I go out and find the bubbles and complete the levels inside each one, they’ll be zapped back here into these things?”

“Precisely!” Melinda replied with a smile. “The good news is, most of our Bit Busters have been honing their creativity with these new levels. They’re trying out new aesthetics and even experimenting with the layouts of our old designs!”

“That’s cool! But how does that help us?” Chip asked.

“Because the designs can be a clue to where the bubbles ended up! I’ve been able to find them using this.” Melinda held up another device that looked like a handmade Geiger counter. “I made this little tracker to make sure we didn’t lose our new virtual level library to thieves. You remember that incident with Jude, right?”

“How could I forget?” Chip started having flashbacks of Melinda’s ex, who had infiltrated the Bit Busters many years ago while he was going through one of their new clubhouses.

“I started discovering the places where the bubbles ended up were very similar to what the levels themselves looked and felt like,” she continued. “Maybe they were drawn there like magnets. But because of this, I’ve been able to map out a route you can take to collect all of them and teleport them back here. Think of it like going through a new clubhouse, just world tour-style!”

“That sounds like fun!” said Chip. “Where do we get started? Where are we going?”

“Everything starts and ends here,” Melinda responded. “You’ll find the first few bubbles in our training area for new recruits, then you’ll need to explore Chip Grove City. Beyond that, there’s mountains, caves, factories, and even our server room. Then, at the end, you’ll venture into… the Mental Marvel Maelstrom. It’s my new secret project: a big tower with a gauntlet where we can house our hardest challenges. That’s where the last few levels are located.”

“That secret tower project sounds amazing! How many floors are you planning to build? Maybe 264?”

“That’s a great number, but no, not even close to that many. I just have nine for now. But we’ll get there one day. Let’s start off with the basics and get you back into action first. I’ll keep in touch here and continue supervising the Bit Busters while making sure the bubbles arrive in good condition.” Melinda handed Chip an earpiece, which he put on.

The two looked at each other longingly and basked in the moment. Knowing that the two of them always had each other was such a comforting thought.

Then Melinda broke the silence. “Good luck, Chip. If anyone can collect these levels and bring them back home, I know you can!”

Chip began running down the stairs to the training area with a newfound confidence in his step. Seeing Melinda again was always the best motivator, no matter how hard the challenge in front of him was. As he approached the door to the training area he had first experienced so long ago, he saw the first bubble on the ground.

“This is it,” Chip said. He took a deep breath and pushed the button. His latest and greatest adventure was about to begin.

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Posted by: M11k4 - 16-Feb-2024, 1:15 PM - Forum: CC1 Level Packs - No Replies

File category: CC1 Levelsets

Over a decade ago I released a set of levels that were made for and by our daughter. Back then our second daughter was barely walking, but now it has come time to release a set for her! Nella, I hope you enjoy this silly set made for you. :-)

These fifty levels are a showcase of what sort of levels a young designer will put together, and what sort of levels a father will make for her to play. The difficulty level does ramp up as the set goes on, but hopefully not to anything insurmountable. I hope you find some level of enjoyment in playing these levels, just as we did making them.

No ccx-file included this time around, yet. Any feedback and comments are always much appreciated by the designers!


What's in kindfair.ccl version 1.0 ?
  • 49 levels, solvable in both MS and Lynx
  • 30+53 Teeth monsters
  • about 256+215 keys
  • 2,034 chips required
  • combined 37,276 seconds of time limit (over 10h), ranging from 13s to 13,225s
  • (I played through the set in an hour right before this first release)
  • no refunds

Attached Files
.ccl   kindfair.ccl (Size: 25.89 KB / Downloads: 82)
.png   MT_202402_kindfair_preview22.png (Size: 41.21 KB / Downloads: 45)
.png   MT_202402_kindfair_preview41_.png (Size: 51.86 KB / Downloads: 39)
.jpg   MT_202402_kindfair_preview08.jpg (Size: 183.9 KB / Downloads: 38)
.jpg   MT_202402_kindfair_preview13.jpg (Size: 199.83 KB / Downloads: 60)
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