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  May 2022 Create Competition - Fill in the Scribble
Posted by: JasonDREWlo - 09-May-2022, 5:01 PM - Forum: Competitions - No Replies

Hello! JSON here with May's level competition (a little late, sorry!)


This month I thought a fun competition would be to "fill in the scribble" (inspired by videos such as these). The goal is to create a level out of at least one of the three samples I've provided. The intention is that the "scribbles" are simple enough that you have some freedom to expand them the way you think fits best!


* The main rule is that the non-empty tiles that are already in the level must stay, otherwise do whatever you would like!
* You are allowed to put items on top of or below anything that's already there (something on water, something under a block, etc.).
* Make as many levels as you'd like! If you have multiple submissions, I will consider only the best one for scoring, but having multiple levels will increase your chances I like one :)
* Any ruleset is allowed, as well as both CC1 and CC2. Please specify which ruleset I need to play it in.
* CC2 levels should stay the same size as the sample so that you aren't given any additional room to work with than CC1 levels.
* Deadline is the end of May (per usual contest rules, ask me for an extension and you will likely get it - the "true" deadline will be whenever I judge the levels)!
* Levels will be judged on a mix of how well the scribble was included and my overall enjoyment of the level.
* You can either DM me on Discord at JasonDREWlo#7781, or DM me on the forums, or reply here with your submissions!


Scribble 1
[Image: level.png?width=905&height=905]
Scribble 2
[Image: level.png?width=905&height=905]
Scribble 3
[Image: level.png?width=905&height=905]

Attached Files
.dat   May_2022_Contest_Levels_CC1.dat (Size: 634 bytes / Downloads: 7)
.zip   May_2022_Contest_Levels_CC2.zip (Size: 873 bytes / Downloads: 9)
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  April 2022 Treasure Hunt + Mini TT
Posted by: M11k4 - 05-Apr-2022, 9:22 AM - Forum: Competitions - No Replies

We kicked the door open for Time Trials last month, so let's do so for a Treasue Hunt this time!

April 2022 Treasure Hunt - Cinco de Mayo

.dat   CINCO-DE-MAYO.dat (Size: 1.47 KB / Downloads: 27)

This is a Treasure Hunter level designed by ChosenID. Your score is not determined merely by time, but also by how many chips and keys you collect.
The deadline is May 5th (naturally). The official competition uses MS rules, but Lynx solutions (which will differ greatly) are also acceptable.

The level has a time limit of 55 seconds, and the chip counter starts at 55.
You can gather as many keys and chips as you want in the allotted time, but there is a significant bonus for ensuring that the counts are multiples of 5.

+ You must reach the exit before time expires, 1 point per second left.
+ 0 points for fire/water boots.
+ 1 point per chip, 5 points extra if number of chips is a multiple of 5.
+ 5 points for the green key (using it does not subtract points).
+ 2 points per red, blue, or yellow key.
++ color bonus: N points for N keys of a given color if N is multiple of 5.
(equivalently: 3 pts/key for such a color, rather than the normal 2 pts/key)

As an example, say you reach the exit with 2 seconds left on the clock, and 37 chips, and having gotten 3 red keys, 7 blue keys and 5 yellow keys. You get 2 points for the time you still have left, and 18 points for gathering 18 chips. You do not get the 5 point bonus for collecting exactly 5,10,15,20... chips. You get 6 points for your red keys, 14 points for your blue keys, and 15 points for your yellow keys. These all add up to 2+18+6+14+15=55 points as your total.

Tiebreaker priority order: most red keys, blue keys, yellow keys, chips, time remaining.

Send your solutions to Miika on Discord, or his email valeosote at skipthisword hotmail youknowtherest.
You may send in a tws file that you have actually played, or even just a route you found, perhaps using SuperCC.
Please include a calculation of what you think your score is, if you bothered calculating it.

Chip Cup points will be awarded on the usual 15-12-10-8-7-6-5-etc basis, naturally. Additional Chip Cup points may be awarded for best Lynx (or even Steam), and mayhap for the best score executed in Tile World.

Hope you enjoy!

But that's not all we have for you!

April Mini Time Trial - Think Big Box

Last month in the Time Trial we had a relatively simple level to solve, Thinkbox, that still had some interesting features from an optimizer's perspective. ChosenID wanted to try and expand the concept and now we can have a go at the result. You'll find the level as the fourth one in the newly updated and attached minicomp.ccl.

.ccl   minicomp.ccl (Size: 2.93 KB / Downloads: 27)

But what is the difference between a mini TT and a traditional TT, you may ask? Some of the previous minicomp levels have been slightly simpler or more monotonous than we usually like to have in a month long TT, but this level is not quite like that. I think here the difference is that we can talk about the routes we find without needing to send them in to be judged. So please have a go at the level and post any comments and scores you have directly either in this thread or on Discord (where the most appropriate place might be the competitions channel). ChosenID has a few solutions of his own already in his pocket, but I think he'll enjoy observing how the rest of us like this level before he releases them.

As for Chip Cup points, you are awarded 5 for finding the bold route (or maybe even for getting close), 4 for scoring a relatively competitive route, 3 / 2 points for solving the level and discussing it, and 1 for showing up in some other manner. It's not so much about the points as creating some discussion and shared experiences around something, but we might as well reward participants a little bit, right? :-)

There you go! Now you should have at least a bit of stuff to do for next weekend. I wonder when the next Create Comp will launch...


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  The old MSKB articles
Posted by: andyrkki - 12-Mar-2022, 4:15 PM - Forum: Websites - No Replies

In case anyone else is still interested in these for some reason, or just wants some light nostalgic reading...

General Microsoft Knowledge Base/Microsoft Support archives don't have these articles.
Here's the only one that does (along with rare pages for many other ancient Microsoft products):

Here are all the links specific to Chip's Challenge:

(Note that the last one refers to the game as "Chip Challenge", meaning that a simple Ctrl+F won't find it.)

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  March 2022 Time Trial
Posted by: M11k4 - 09-Mar-2022, 12:32 PM - Forum: Competitions - Replies (1)

I was browsing through some folders and came upon a file named "CCZ-TT-1803.ccl". Wait a second, no such file should exist as we didn't have a time trial in March four years ago! These were levels I had prepared but had not, for one reason or another, released. As we are waiting for CCLP5, this should be the perfect window to let these levels out the door and into a narrow ray of spotlight before they are run over by the unrelenting truck of time that vanquishes all things, save perchance the annals of Chip's Challenge lore and glory.

With that sentence out of the way, your task, should you accept it is to download this file, play the levels and send me your solutions.

.ccl   CCZ-TT-2203.ccl (Size: 1.2 KB / Downloads: 52)

The quickest solutions win the competition, but we love to see even the more casual attempts and if you have a minute or two to comment on the levels, that would be fantastic.

Let's set the deadline at the end of the day of April 3rd where you live, which is a Sunday. (I'm not keeping this running for a full month as I want to start the next TT as soon as this one ends. I have a series of at three competitions lined up, so get on the train now.) Standard rules apply, and though I'm not posting the technicalities and finer details this time (in full at least), you can ask me here or on Discord.

Speaking of which, while I do like to keep a record of the entries if you send them in by email (valeosote ata hotmail doto como), you can also send your scores and solutions to me on Discord. (Just today I finally played and somewhat optimized the levels myself.) The main competition is in MS, but I am very happy to see Lynx scores as well (or if someone wants have a go at the levels in CC2). You get extra respect for playing in Tile World, but as this isn't a competition from ancient times, you can also just send me your solution as played in Super CC.

That should cover most of the stuff you need, but I thought I'd also share a few thoughts on the designs of the levels.

Thinkbox was a Create Competition entry from the start of 2015 by Minus3K2. I wanted to pick it as a time trial level because it presents an interesting choice: do you drown the teeth and how, or do you let it chase you around? This question works for both a casual solve and an optimized approach. I also try to pair a little easier level with something that requires more work, balancing each other. Let's see what you think.

Mirkwood is a block pushing level that feels like a classical CC block pushing level and should allow for some optimization tricks, but you can't just throw it at a sokoban optimizer and let that do your work for you. I struggled to find the sweet spot between how long this level should be to keep it interesting yet not too easy nor too tedious or mind-bogglingly complex. An earlier version had like 15 chips, some of which required multiple blocks to reach, but that was just too much. I then tried a version with just 6 chips (and reaching the exit), but this one felt like there wasn't really that much to discover and the solution was too restrictive to try variations. I'd love to hear if you think I settled on a good spot with 9 chips. I always enjoy when a level has some subtle differences in MS and Lynx but isn't clearly just meant for just the other, so I hope to see solutions on both from someone. I'd love to hear from you if this is not your type of level, but I did feel it was time to have a block pushing focused time trial, and I'm curious to see if there are others that welcome it as well.

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  Tunnel Clearance
Posted by: geodave - 09-Mar-2022, 9:49 AM - Forum: Solution Maps - No Replies


Attached Files
.png   tunnelclearance.png (Size: 212.13 KB / Downloads: 44)
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  Time Limits on Levels
Posted by: tlm1942 - 19-Feb-2022, 8:48 AM - Forum: Programs and Editors - Replies (3)

How can time limits on levels in Tile World be eliminated?

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  Feburary 2022 Create Competition - Monochromatization
Posted by: MilkyWayWishes - 07-Feb-2022, 10:28 PM - Forum: Competitions - Replies (2)

A Create Competition is a level design contest where anyone can make a level or levels from a given prompt or theme, which are then judged and ranked, with feedback. Whether you're a veteran designer with hundreds of levels or have never made a level before in your life, your submission is welcome here!

This competition is once again hosted by everyone's favourite dynamic duo, Sickly & Sharpeye! This month's theme is single colour levels, your level should be built using a predefined palette for either CC1 or CC2.

The palettes for CC1 (the judges are using the MSCC tileset if you wonder where the colours come from) are as follows:

blue/cyan: water, ice, ice corners, blue walls, fake exits, teleports, blue buttons, theif, splash, fake exits, swimming chip, flippers, skates, blue keys, blue doors, tanks, walkers, gliders, fake exits.

red/yellow: fire, blocks, dirt, red doors, yellow doors, red buttons, brown buttons, bombs, traps, hints, burned chips (fire background), bugs, fireballs, carpets (paramecia), red keys, yellow keys, fire boots.

green: FFs, green doors, green buttons, toogle walls, RFFs, teeth, blobs, green keys, suction boots, extra Chip McChips.

grey: floors, walls, chip (item), invisible walls, appearing walls, panels, socket, gravel, popup walls, gliders, clone machines (without elements), burned chips (no background).

For CC1 the use of floors, walls, one exit, and clone machines or traps with an element of the correct colour on top, are allowed for any palette.

The palettes for CC2 (judges are using the official CC2 tileset) are as follows:

blue/cyan: blue buttons, gender signs, blue walls, blue tanks, ice, ice corners, water (no turtles), walkers, skates, flippers, ice blocks, blue teeth, blue teleport, canopy, key thief, blue key, blue door, x2 flags, ghosts, rovers, blue custom floor/wall.

red: red buttons, orange buttons, fire jets, fire balls, fire jets, bombs, fire, fire boots, teeth, red teleports, no signs, tool theif, red keys, red doors, TNT, clocks, 10 flags, 100 flags, clone machines (without elements).

yellow: yellow buttons, brown buttons, hints, traps, yellow tanks, bugs, yellow custom floors/walls, direcitonal blocks (need arrows), blocks, yellow teleport, yellow keys, yellow doors, railroads, light switch, counter, speed boots, hiking boots, bribes, dirt, 1k flags, railroad signs.

green: green buttons, toogle walls, green walls, FFs, RFFs, turtles, toogle bombs, toogle chips, blob seminal fluid, blobs, swivel doors, suction boots, green teleports, green keys, green doors, eye, green custom walls/floors.

pink: pink button, pink toggle walls, panels, pink custom wall/floor, paramecia, wires/logic gates (ideally all should be on at level start or end but that's not required), lightning, pink balls.

grey: sockets, chips (items), grey buttons, black buttons, pop up walls, transgendifier, floors, walls, invis walls, appearing walls, steel, steel walls, hook, floor mimics, gliders, gravel, railroads, directional blocks, bowling balls, helmets.

Like CC1 walls, floors, an exit, and clone machines or traps with appropriate element(s) are allowed, however walls and floors are discouraged for most themes unless strictly needed.

And finally, some administrative details:
  • Submit your level(s) to either Sharpeye468#9238 or A Sickly Silver Moon#4836 on Discord or by PM on the forums before March 7th. Extensions will be granted on a case for case basis if one is needed because there are creative ideas flowing, there was an unexpected development, or I get paid enough.
  • Whilst you are technically allowed to submit unlimited levels, please note that we will only be judging your best two, so if you submit more you must note which they are.
  • Make new levels, its a create competition no a "who has a large catalog" competition.
  • Levels should be solvable, if its CC1 please include a TWS or JSON, for CC2 please record a replay for the level.
  • Sharpeye and I will be looking through the levels around the day of, most likely on a discord stream. Please don't make us get banned.
  • If you have any questions about the competition, if a level is legal, or anything of that sort, please don't hesitate to ask here or on Discord.
  • Finally, your levels only have to be solvable in as many rulesets as you choose (minimum 1 obviously), if you want to make an MS only level go right ahead. Lynx only? Right on! CC2/Steam only? Well how else are you gonna use the CC2 element sets? But also do tell us what ruleset(s) each level targets, thanks!

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  Death of a Chipster
Posted by: TML - 03-Feb-2022, 12:28 PM - Forum: General Discussion - No Replies

It is with a heavy heart that I announce the death of a prominent Chipster. Kathleen Anne "Kathy" LaPier (née McMahon), one of the original Charter Chipsters from back in the 1990s, died on January 8, 2022, aged 75.


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  Aaron Farmer CCLP5 submission TWS files and updated levelset
Posted by: Aaron_Farmer - 31-Jan-2022, 10:37 PM - Forum: CC1 Level Packs - No Replies

Attached to this threas are the TWS files for my CCLP5 submissions for both MS and Lynx rulesets. Also, I've attaced an update version of my levelset because I had to make changes to level 12 ("Control Pannel") because it was busted.

Attached Files
.tws   AF_LsF-CCLP5_MS.tws (Size: 4.18 KB / Downloads: 38)
.dat   AF_LsF-CCLP5.dat (Size: 8.43 KB / Downloads: 40)
.tws   AF_LsF-CCLP5_LYNX.ccl.tws (Size: 4.18 KB / Downloads: 32)
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  CCLP5 Submission TWS and Updates
Posted by: RB3ProKeys - 29-Jan-2022, 5:37 AM - Forum: CC1 Level Packs - No Replies

Attached to this post is a ZIP file containing TWS files for the levels in my CCLP5 submission set and the most recent version of that set. 


  • Removed a few buried gravel tiles in Conveyor
  • Removed a buried chip and changed the wall at (22, 2) to a recessed wall in Funhouse
  • Changed the wall at (1, 20) to a recessed wall in Smorgasbord
  • Removed blocks from fire room in Colour Code
  • Added a chip and changed a few tiles in Unown for Lynx-compatibility

Attached Files
.zip   Infinitea.zip (Size: 13.7 KB / Downloads: 35)
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