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  Chips Challenge2 suggestion
Posted by: GavinD - Yesterday, 12:15 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (1)

If we create levels and want to share them with others, we have to upload them somewhere and then others have to then download them and then put them into the correct directory (deleting the existing files) then go to the game and add them. It seems a little much and it doesn't seem worth the effort downloading an updated level pack if it's only got say 5 new levels in it.

What if CC could have some sort of built-in system where you make your level pack then upload it to some sort of cloud, and if others want to play your levels they can then download them direct from the CC game. That would mean if I made one new level I could simply update my level pack on the cloud with one click and everyone who has my level pack could update theirs with just one click.

Also if I were to make new levels and then upload them on here I would have to make a thread to let everyone know my pack had been updated, and hope they would see my thread. But if there was a system from within CC itself everyone with my pack would upon browsing everyone's uploaded set see that my pack was updated.

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  Hash1 reviews AndyT1.dat
Posted by: Hash1 - 06-Jul-2020, 10:49 PM - Forum: Blog Station - No Replies

So.... erm .... uh..... welcome!

My first blog post ever, and it's about a levelset.

So I've decided to do written reviews of some levelsets.

The levelsets I choose will be chosen kind of at random... Whatever title catches my eye from a list of levelsets, or sometimes I'll have a theme in mind, or sometimes I'll choose a levelset that in the past I played, but haven't beat past a few levels in...

Anyways, this time, it'll be

AndyT1.dat ------------------------------------ [MS]

I wanted to start with a levelset whose designer has the same first name as me, just because.

[1] World Tour
Really well designed, I have greatly enjoyed the way the level looks like a map of the Earth, each continent containing a different puzzle element.

[2] Ice Patrol
This level was pretty good.

[3] Swim Meet
A nice, fast pace, small maze to warm up with. I'm 100% okay with the walls being Chips swimming E.

[4] Work Fast!
Another fast pace maze. Pretty fun.

[5] Island Puzzle
I don't get this level. It's solvable just by pressing the red button over and over again, then just uncover the hidden ice corners, and spam the button again, until one fireball eventually follows the ice and hits the last bomb. The design made it look more complex.

[6] External Clock
Took me a few tries before I thought of trying without the Suction Boots. Nice.

[7] Monster Machine
I consider this a "campaign" type level, and I had quite some fun with it, however, I would like to point out that pressing the button at (3, 20) is pointless. Again, I'm ok with the invalid combinations.

[8] Crazy Maze
A dodging level for sadists! Sure was hard, but I enjoyed it, and felt much satisfaction after beating it. It was a surprise to find it so early in the set.

[9] Time Capsul
This level has a peculiar layout, and it took me several tries, but it was pleasing.

[10] Key and Boot Puzzle
Somewhat short, yet it involves some thinking. It was enjoyable.

[11] Gold Mine
A level that involves collecting all the gold keys, which are a lot. I like the variety here, and the walker room reminds me of PROBLEMS from CC1. As for the four pink balls, however, their traps seem to be busted.

[12] Moon Landing
This level seems busted, after the bombs, push a block past the layer of water and bring a block through the gravel almost all the way to the right, you will find a red button a bug needs to press to start the "race". Just block the space in front of the button, making it inaccessible, and take your time finishing the level.

[13] Annoyance 1
This level took several tries, but it was a nice level of different elements.

[14] The Exile (A game by Broderbund)
I am unfamiliar with what game this is based off, but the goal here is to mess with the level so that you create a path for a fireball to go through and open the path for you to win. I had tons of fun with it.

[15] The Hour Glass
I liked this level; it's simple but tricky and reminded me again, of PROBLEMS from CC1.

[16] Pass a Bill Through Government
I didn't enjoy this one. I believed it is luck based and I got stuck on the area right after the (3, 22) bear trap. I didn't finish it.

[17] Annoyance 2
I tried this level four or five times. Its structure is almost the same as Annoyance 1 and some of the things are the same or similar. It's a fun level, I just find the invisible wall maze a bit too much and the bomb area right after it too tedious. I didn't finish it, although I came close on my last try. I found out how to finish it, even though I didn't. So I didn't beat it in my TWS, but I did in my mind.

[18 – 20]
These three I didn't finish 19 I only looked around, and 20 I haven't played. 18, which is External Clock 2 I wasn't down for trying to get a block in the NW room to kill the bomb. These are the last three, except for 21, the credits.

In conclusion, this levelset is pretty short; however, it’s filled with variety and has a couple of gems.

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  Things in Chip's Challenge that does not makes sense.
Posted by: JDGP030302 - 02-Jul-2020, 6:13 AM - Forum: General Discussion - No Replies

# Important! # This is about having fun, so don't hesitate to post your own "solutions" or "problem".

1  Chip explodes when he touch a hazard, dissapearing without a trace. Why?
2  Are teeths, clones, floor mimics, turtles and ghosts alive or just well done robots?
3  How do the gender only signs stops one character from going trough it and let the other go?
4  How do the railroads enforces to go in a single direction?  What does the RR sign actually does? Does it "cancel" a property of the tracks?
5  Suction shoes (MS) don't make sense since they would attach Chip to the force floor instead of allowing him to cancel their effect. A magnet that makes Chip hover over them makes more sense.
6  Graphics only depict one shoe, not two. Plus, they appear to be as large as Chip (The chips count, too).
7  Are the bugs and paramecium as large as Chip? Paramecia are microscopic, but how are these so big? 
8  Do the directional blocks have small wheels under them with brakes that determine in wich direction can go?
9  Is the Lynx only Water "Shield" an excuse to not make sprites of Chip swimming?
10  In-universe, how does the exit works? Is it an door to an elevator? Why the "portal to another world" look?
11 How does the spy\thief tile works? Just a fancy technology that automatically takes the tools or a real person? Because it is possible to destroy them with a time bomb...
12  The force floors makes everything in it go at double speed, yet their animation go at the same speed of Chip.
13 Why Melinda can walk freely on ice but not on gravel or dirt? It is implied that she played in the original clubhouse and had her own score, but with those restrictions she would be unable to move right in the start of Lesson 8 and some levels would be completely busted with the "free skates". Did Vladimir impose those rules?
14  Tanks, why? They don't shoot.
15 Chip can only carry 4 "tools" but way more keys. Oh yes, and only 256 of each color.
16 Why does keys instantly dissappear after being used? Where the door goes? Why does Chip can use a green key an infinite amount of time and Melinda can use yellow keys also an infinite amount of time?
17  The bowling ball explodes in contact with a creature or wall, are they filled with explosives? Why they can use items?
18  From where are the materials for making all those levels? Oh yes, and the floor space!
19  The reason that paramecia are replaced with centipedes in the sequel is because the Puzzle Masters could not replicate Melinda's experiments and had to come with their own solution! As for the blobs, i don't know.
20  How does Vladimir Gerajkee looks like? Melinda in CC1 Lynx was only mentioned in text until her appearance in the animated ending. Vladimir is almost like this, except CC2 don't have animated cutscenes. Oh yes, where does that last name comes from!?
21 In what country the games action develop? Does CC2 takes place in another country?

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  Chip's Challenge 2 default music improvements (Mod)
Posted by: JDGP030302 - 26-Jun-2020, 1:10 AM - Forum: Chip's Challenge 2 - No Replies

(First post, don't mess it...)
 Well, hello. When playing Chip's Challenge 2, it is easy to notice that the music is not original compositions like in the Lynx game. Would not be a problem if the music tunes where as loud as the sound effects or did not have those lengthy (2~ seconds) silences at the start and end. It is not MIDI, it gives me the impression of being recorded. Due to this, i barely noticed the music and it also won't play at all in the text cutscenes most of the time due to me reading them fast. 
 Well, i fixed these annoying errors of sorts, and after that i found the ragtime music very, very catchy. I leaved a single second of silence at the end to not make it loop abruptly. 
 88 MB, slightly less than the originals. I also tagged them to show more information in a music player. I hope you now enjoy this improved edition. I almost got an ear worm from them like the CC1 music!
 If you want to share this zip, great! Simply don't take credit for doing this. If you want to upload to Steam Workshop, i will be more than happy since this is only a Google Drive link, so share, share, share and share!

Opinion: Unlike LX Rudis, i have no idea who is Warren Trachtman, the one that is credited as performer. Since the entire soundtrack is in the public domain, and also simple piano versions of them, (not remixes) it gives me the impression that good old Chuck Sommerville did this game on its own with almost no budget. What do you think?


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  Forgive my incompetence, but where do I find..
Posted by: GavinD - 25-Jun-2020, 9:55 AM - Forum: Feedback - Replies (2)

..the settings page to change my signature etc?

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  Anyone play I Wanna Maker? (level editor for "I wanna be the guy")?
Posted by: GavinD - 20-Jun-2020, 3:37 PM - Forum: General - Replies (2)

It's free on Steam, and lets you easily make and share levels online. It's a precision platformer (think of Super Meat Boy or the GameMaker game "Jumper", but not all levels are brutally difficult- it varies).

And it's popular so the community is huge with new levels made and played all day every day. This means there are lots of levels to play but on the downside means your own levels may receive little attention. It seems mostly people will only play your level when it's just been uploaded because it lists most recently created levels.

In recent weeks, I was on a roll making levels for Chuck's Challenge the ideas for that just keep coming, but unfortunately around this time the level making community for that games seems to be almost dead now.

In a way, I think the size of the CC level making community is a good one- it's active and alive with lots of content, but not so large your levels and your identity will be lost amongst thousands and thousands of others with all your hard work hardly being played at all.

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  CC2LP1 Voting Has Concluded
Posted by: quiznos00 - 07-Jun-2020, 8:51 PM - Forum: Chip's Challenge 2 - Replies (1)

Thank you to everyone who participated! Further updates for CC2LP1 will be posted here at CC Zone. A few stats:

Votes cast: 27057
Unique voters: 34
Voters who voted on every level: 15
Highest rated level's rating: 4.5263
Lowest rated level's rating: 1 (applies to two levels)

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  Ida's Official Set Scores
Posted by: Ida - 06-Jun-2020, 6:44 AM - Forum: High Scores - Replies (3)

My first score report here on CCZone (I think).
Obviously many of these times are just initial times.


#1: 82 
#2: 90 (b)
#3: 89 (b)
#4: 114 
#5: 85 (b)
#6: 94 (b)
#7: 134 
#8: 96 (b)
#9: 291 
#10: 51 (b)
#11: 196 
#12: 270 (b)
#13: [982] (b)
#14: 162 
#15: 78 
#16: [968] 
#17: 82 
#18: 548 
#19: 94 
#20: 315 
#21: 115 
#22: 141 
#23: 313 
#24: 389 
#25: 410 
#26: 232 
#27: 121 
#28: 226 
#29: 282 
#30: 217 
#31: 3 

This should add up to a score of 301 200
Total score (as previously reported): 5 946 060


CC1 Lynx

#1: 72 
#2: 86 
#3: 84 
#4: 105 
#5: 82 
#6: 92 
#7: 123 
#8: 95 
#9: 262 
#10: 46 
#11: 169 
#12: 246 
#13: [981] (b)
#14: 125 
#15: 35 
#16: [966] 
#17: 78 
#18: 541 
#19: 128 
#20: 303 
#21: 94 
#22: 86 

Total Score: 155 020


CC1 Steam

#1: 78 
#2: 87 
#3: 87 
#4: 110 
#5: 83 
#6: 93 (b)
#7: 118 
#8: 96 (b)
#9: 269 
#10: 45 
#11: 162 
#12: 224 
#13: 0 
#14: 128 
#15: 43 
#16: 0 
#17: 79 
#18: 539 
#19: 130 
#20: 315 
#21: 101 
#22: 237 
#23: 291

Total Score: 171 150



#1: 168 (b)
#2: 176 (+2)
#3: 181 (+1)
#4: 200 (+6)
#5: 216 
#6: 173 
#7: 160 
#8: 220 
#9: 218 
#10: 297 
#11: 192 
#12: 231 
#13: 225 
#14: 187 
#15: 280 
#16: 251 
#17: [985] 
#18: 219 

Total Score: 121 460


CCLP1 Lynx

#1: 160
#2: 167
#3: 170
#4: 185
#5: 209
#6: 164
#7: 161
#8: 221
#9: 215
#10: 269
#11: 200
#12: 238
#13: 199
#14: 143
#15: 263
#16: 233
#17: [984]

Total Score: 108 480


CC2 Times

#1: 0
#2: 0
#3: 0
#4: 13
#5: 180
#6: 167
#7: 179
#8: 132
#9: 0
#10: 90
#11: 14
#12: 131
#13: 85
#14: 3 (b)
#15: 75
#16: 194
#17: 159
#18: 85
#19: 0
#20: 87
#21: 150
#22: 240
#23: 289
#24: 79 (b)
#25: 157
#26: 152
#27: 73
#28: 16
#29: 0
#30: 69
#31: 87
#32: 132
#33: 136
#34: 113
#35: 23
#36: 80
#37: 107
#38: 79
#39: 6
#40: 14 (b)
#41: 184
#42: 6
#43: 90
#44: 153
#45: 57
#46: 96
#47: 149
#48: 264
#49: 121
#50: 0
#51: 173


CC2 Scores

#1: 1102
#2: 1000 (b)
#3: 1500 (b)
#4: 2130
#5: 4300
#6: 4677
#7: 5290
#8: 5320
#9: 4500 (b)
#10: 5900
#11: 6730
#12: 7310
#13: 7350
#14: 7030 (b)
#15: 8250
#16: 9940
#17: 10090
#18: 9850
#19: 9500 (b)
#20: 10870
#21: 12000
#22: 13400
#23: 15390
#24: 13690
#25: 16370
#26: 14640
#27: 14230
#28: 15260
#29: 14500 (b)
#30: 15690
#31: 16370
#32: 17320
#33: 17860
#34: 18130
#35: 17730
#36: 18800
#37: 19570
#38: 19790
#39: 19560
#40: 20140 (b)
#41: 22340
#42: 21060
#43: 22400
#44: 23630
#45: 23070
#46: 23960
#47: 24990
#48: 26640
#49: 25710
#50: 25000 (b)
#51: 27230

Total Score: 719 109


Also, I have a couple of ideas/wishes for the scoreboard.

#1 - In the player score cards, could we change the wording of "Worse than public" to something less intimidating? Happy  For example "Slower than public"...
#2 - It would be neat to have one more distinction (color code) of the scores. To me, as a casual player who likes to keep scores but can't even get bold time on Lesson 1, it feels like the first three (Bold, Better than public, and Public) are for the really skilled and competitive players, and for the rest of us (me) there's only the red color. Can we have an orange color that indicates that the player has at least tried to improve the score, and not only solved the level once? That would give more incentive to improve even if I know I'll never be able to reach bold time. The orange could be for example:
a) Score is within a certain percentage of bold time (for example 2%: This means that for levels with bold of >100, 1 second away would be orange. Bold 100-149 means 2 seconds away, bolds of 150-199 means 3 seconds from bold would give an orange score)
b) Even better, but more job to calculate, would be within a certain percentage (10%?) of the bold solving time of the level (time limit - bold time). That's more fair because the longer the level, the more seconds off are allowed.
c) Another option could be to indicate if you are in the top 20 or 50 or 100 or whatever of all players on that level.

Well, these requests are just ideas and nothing I'll pursue if the rest of you think it's just bs. Tongue

Over and out!

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Posted by: Hash1 - 04-Jun-2020, 10:57 PM - Forum: Level Discussion - Replies (2)

.dat   HASHLEVELS.dat (Size: 42.55 KB / Downloads: 0)

.zip   [CC1]_HASHLEVELS_CCX.zip (Size: 4.73 KB / Downloads: 0)

Hello everyone!

Here I am to announce my first ever levelset (it's a CC1 set). I've been in the community, since, 2010, I believe, and just now I release my first set. Even though I've always been talking about numerous levelset projects from me over the years, I never got around to making enough levels for them/completing them. Sorry for all the unnecessary hype. I guess, back then, I thought I had a greater interest in CC than I really had... Nowadays my interest is bigger (I guess CC resonates better with 20-something year old me than with 14-20 year old me).

Well, enough about me. Lets direct our attention back to the set.

The first thing I would like to point out is that it is MS + LYNX compatible.

I would like to keep a secret the number of levels, but I will say that it's more than 20 and less than 90.

Also, for a first levelset, I'd say it has plenty of variety, and that the amount of tedious levels is low and the guesswork is fair. Some of the older levels are a bit more on the unforgiving side, but, they're not many, and I edited some of them to reduce the unforgiving factor. I think that it has an okay difficulty curve, and that the level types are spread out (so that you don't get too many block pushing levels in a row, for example). As for the level sizes, they tend to fill up the entire map (although mostly with walled edges). Making smaller puzzles will be something worth improving on, on my part.

I guess the advantage of me taking so long to make/release my first set is that by the time I did, I've already read a lot from you guys about design-related things that aren't very welcomed. I remember my first few levels I ever made including a room full of hot blocks (except for one block, obviously), and teeth that clone every few seconds, just for the sake of adding difficulty.

In short, I think my set will be recieved well.

Another few things about it:

- The file is called HASHLEVELS_BETA.ccl. Feedback / bust reports / edit suggestions are welcome, and after some time, I'll release it in its final form as simply HASHLEVELS.ccl. There's just something that puts me off about releasing a levelset a bunch of times, with updates each time, but the file name stays the same, because maybe in several years you'll find 10 versions of a set, and forget which one is the real deal. Also, don't 100% expect me to edit my levels after your edit suggestions. I only will if I agree with you.

- After some time (a few weeks or a month probably), I'd like to propose a challenge/contest involving one of my levels in which the winners get their names written in the level's hint. More about that when the time comes.

That is all.

Hope you enjoy!

Edit (a few minutes after original post)

- There's a .ccx file that'll go with it (yes, a .ccx file). It belongs in the data folder of Tile World 2, if you care to install it. I do recon, however, that not 100% of chipsters use Tile World 2, but hey, I tried. If you don't/can't install it, don't worry, you won't miss any crucial information. You may be wondering why I decided to include this obscure file along with the set. I have my reasons. Here I'll summarize them:

1. It makes the levelset stand out more.

2. It allows you to state your set's compatibility. I believe every set should have this information available, even if the compatibility is obvious. It'll make lists of levels (where compatibility is also mentioned) more easy to make (for example, the one Mike L made for his site).

3. Last, and most importantly, even if your set doesn't have a storyline, sometimes you want to make a comment about your level, within the level, and sometimes a hint tile is just not enough.

I have edited my post because I tried attaching the .ccx file directly, but .ccx is so obscure that it won't even let me, so I posted without it, while I find ways to get around this. I did, in the form of .zip. So, my levelset will be posted as a .zip file with both the .ccl and the .ccx inside. To avoid confusion with a CC2 set, [CC1] is included in the .zip's name.

That is all.

Hope you enjoy!

Edit (15th of June, 2020)

I realize this thread would've been better in the CC1 sets subforum. I uploaded my demo version there, but the full set here. I thought it was more of an archive than a discussion place. Oh, well.

I have decided to separate the .ccx (.zip file) and the .ccl. This is because CCZone is probably the only place I'll be uploading the .ccx file, and if I decide to upload my set somewhere else CC related, I'll only be uploading the .ccl, so it'll be best to keep the two files separate.

Levelset changes:

- [31] FLIES IN SOUP: Minor edits. Made it possible to avoid one extra glider reaching the exit area. Removed the hint that suggests to have all the chips before entering the following room. Made it so that the hint is not even needed.

- [33] ABANDONED SUBWAY STATION: OLD SUBWAY STATION has been redesigned! For both gameplay and aesthetic improvements.

- [44] EIGHTEEN ROOMS MANAGEMENT: Minor edits. Blob room has slightly more force floors so that there's only one space between force floor slides.

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  CC Level packs through Steam
Posted by: Geni44 - 20-May-2020, 5:46 AM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (2)

Hey all,

I was hoping someone might be able to give me some instructions on how to run CC level packs (such as CCLP1, CCLP2, etc.) through the Steam version of CC or CC2? 

I played the original game on a windows 98 as a kid, then more recently played the level packs through Wills World on an old phone. Now I do not have access to either of these. I have really enjoyed getting back into CC recently with the release of CC2 and the voting for CC2LP1, but now I am hoping I will be able to relive these official sets and play some other community members' sets through the Steam version.  Happy

Thanks in advance,

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