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I recently realized that the point at which I became serious about CC was closer to my birth than to today. In other words, for more than half my life this game has been a part of who I am. There have of course been some lulls here and there, but in some ways those were just the times I was distracted. And it's nice to know that I'll always have it to come back to.

Anyway, enough of me being sentimental, this is probably what you came here for:

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Absolutely legendary.

I can't wait for you to blow us away with your CCLP1 scores Wink
You should probably be playing CC2LP1.

Or go to the Chip's Challenge Wiki.
Congrats! Just how feasible is this to find by hand?
Quite - once you find the linchpin, scores above 426 will not be difficult to find.
Great - I've found four different 427s, so hopefully this is a good sign.

#37 (The Mystery of the Seven Chips): 324 (+2, b)

#111 (Monster Factory): 376 (+1, b)

#142 (Chomper Romp): 520 (+2, b)

#146 (Run-a-Muck): 319 (+2, b)


public tws updated.

#149 (Key Color 2.0): 424 (+16)

It makes me happy to see you're still here from time to time, raising the bar for the rest of us to aspire to reach. Do you have any plans to look at CCLP1 or CCLP4 ever? (CCLP1 in particular would probably take you no time at all to blaze through.) Have you checked out Markus' SuperCC optimization tool; if so how does it compare to your own programs that you no doubt have made? Is there any chance of you ever gracing us with your presence in the Discord server? Hopefully your life is going well; when you achieve world domination please treat us kindly Laughing
Speaking of raising the bar, that was quite a find you made recently! I do have hopes to give CCLP1+4 a go some day, but I have a couple of other projects I want to be finished (or at least reasonably finished) first. You're the second person to ask me about SuperCC. I haven't checked it out, but based on the description it seems similar to the tool I use. Went ahead and joined Discord.

And, um...

cclp3 #71 (How to Get Around in Venice): 431 (+25, b+1)

CCLP2 #24 (Sudden Death): 306**

**Requires use of the newly renamed Twice Step Glitch.

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