Jeremy Christman's level set
Hi all; I am a beginner designer who just found this community and am starting out.  So far I have made twenty five levels of increasing difficulty as the set goes on.  All levels are both MS and Lynx compatible.  If you do decide to play them and get stuck I'm more than happy to give hints or help you in any way and if not I've attached the solutions as well to both MS and Lynx so you can just look at the solutions too if you want.  I'm a huge fan of the official level packs (CCLP4 being my favorite).  Twenty one of these levels have been submitted for CCLP5 consideration and future ones will go to CCLP6 submissions.  I would love feedback on my levels.  Enjoy!  I will constantly be updating this set as I make more levels so if you're so inclined please check back from time to time as I will be updating this post (and gliderbot) with my new levelset.

I've also added a rejects set for those levels that are not quite up to snuff.

I also like meeting people who share my love for this game so please reach out to me (here or on discord; my discord name is Jeremy Christman#2479).  I'm normally an introvert but NOT when it comes to this game!  I'd love to discuss anything about the game or hear feedback about my levels.  I'll definitely try out your levels too and give you feedback if you want.

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.dat   JeremyLP_Rejects.dat (Size: 4.83 KB / Downloads: 12)
.tws   JeremyLP.dat-ms.dac.tws (Size: 92.86 KB / Downloads: 1)
.dat   JeremyLP.dat (Size: 30.81 KB / Downloads: 1)
.tws   JeremyLP.dat-lynx.dac.tws (Size: 126 KB / Downloads: 1)
Name - Jeremy Christman
Level Pack - JeremyLP (in gliderbot)
Rejects Set - JeremyLP_Rejects (in gliderbot)

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