September 2019 Time Trial - New Winds
The Time has come! The Trial is upon us!

We have some goodies lined up for you this fall in the form of great levels for competitions! We are kicking things off with some that Jeffrey made and were inspired by levels in Chuck's Challenge 3D. Get the levels here!

The levels used for the traditional part of this competition are #4 Search AND Destroy
, #5 Caught on the Flipside
, and #6 Catalyst
. Please send your solutions to me and keep your times secret from others until the competition results are announced.

Sounds straight-forward, but why did I use the word 'traditional' in there? If you think it implies some sort of change happening, you'd be right! The file linked above actually contains 14 levels to play. We could have spread these over a course of months, or use some as a mini time trial. But we're doing something similar but new. We are incorporating Discord chat into this competition. It's the modern way to go. Slight smile

So here's how it's going to work. Optimize the levels above as usual, play them in TW or MSCC and send me your solution. You can send them to me through email, or simply in a PM on Discord. We will also open up a channel for discussing the competitions (not limited to this one). There you can post the times you find for the other levels in the set, perhaps using spoiler tags so others aren't, you know, spoiled, by your scores. For these times, you may also use SuCC, which means you only need to find the route for the best time, and (at least this month) you don't need to play out your route in real time! It would be nice if you could keep track of your scores and perhaps post them all here in one post, but maybe this is not absolutely required. The main objective here is to have fun together playing CC! Chip Cup points will be awarded for the actual competition, and for finding bold routes on the other levels.

We'll figure out the minor details as we go, so I won't bother posting all the technical rules, but rather ask (on Discord!) if you want a ruling or clarification on something. You can keep these things in mind though:
  • Levels where you send in your solutions and wait for results: #4, #5, #6.

  • The competition is primary in MS, but you can also send in your Lynx solutions.

  • For the other levels, you don't need to optimize all of them, just the ones you want.

  • You will be rewarded for finding bold routes on your own, not necessarily being the first to do so.

  • Freely post your scores for any other levels you find routes for. If you post them all in one place, they would be easier to track.

  • This competition ends by the end of September.



The king is back. Did you ever leave?

1. pieguy          226 + 171 + 118 = 515
2. Bacorn          226 + 170 + 116 = 512
3. Ihavenoname248  225 + 169 + 117 = 511
4. RB3ProKeys      223 + 168 + 118 = 509
5. ruben           222 + 169 + 117 = 508
5. Miika           223 + 168 + 117 = 508

These small levels proved to have quite a few variations to try, even with such a tool at SuCC.

Ruben also sent in Lynx scores of 220 + 169 + 113, plus I had weaker times of 196 + 167 + 104.

I enjoyed the ability to discuss the other levels on Discord. We also had a nice spreadsheet collecting everyone's reported scores, thanks for that!

I'll try to post new levels for this month within a week. Slight smile Meanwhile, you can keep talking (and perhaps sharing) your routes on these levels.



Here are pieguy's routes for you to view in SuCC:
Search AND Destroy
(#4, 226)


Caught on the Flipside
(#5, 171)


(#6, 118)


Here's also Bacorn's slightly quicker 226 on level 4:


And RB3ProKey's alternate, slightly slower 118 on level 6:

When on Discord I said (10/03/2019):

I didn't have enough time yet to count the Chip Cup points. It would be a good thing to do before the weekend.

I was obviously referring to this weekend and now it is already Sunday, so it's about time I posted the Chip Cup points.

For the TT itself, our standard distribution applies, without forgetting the tie for fifth place.

 September 2019 Time Trial (Chip Cup points)
15 points pieguy
12 poinst Bacorn
10 points Ihavenoname248
 8 points RB3ProKeys
 7 points ruben
 7 points M11k4

There was a good deal on activity of the mini comp version that at the time was still looking for its exact name...

 September 2019 TT Side Quest (Chip Cup points)
+5 Bacorn
+5 Indy
+5 James
+5 Ruben
+3 Sharpeye
+3 Miika

For those curious about the spreadsheet that was mentioned, here's the link, behind which you can see bolds and individual scores for the other levels.

Now if I, or someone else, only had something to say in each of the 13 threads that have been posted since this competition, we could get the threads back in their correct order.
Until then, take this as your reminder to have a go at the current Treasure Hunt!


P.S. Thanks ChosenID for pointing out that this needed doing. ;-)

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