CC2 editor Q
How do I use the colourful walls/floors in my level design?

And if I want more than 1 hint in my level each with its own content how do I do that?
Assuming you're asking about my editor specifically and not the built-in one....

  1. The colorful floors and walls are called "Cosmetic Floor/Wall" in CC Creator, and are located under the "Miscellaneous" palette section. When you click one of these elements, a box will appear at the bottom of the palette containing the four different colors. You can also cycle through the colors using the [,]/[<] and [.]/[>] keys, exactly like in the built-in editor.

  2. For multiple hints:
    Place the hint tiles on the map.

  3. Go to the menu option Level > Hints to open the Hints tab of the Level Properties dialog.

  4. Add the same number of hints as you added hint tiles. Each hint you add will display a pair of coordinates corresponding to the hint tile it modifies. Simply edit the individual hint texts as appropriate. (The first hint in the list, displayed with the grayed-out title "Default", is the default hint that shows up for all extra hint tiles [all hint tiles, in CC1]. Extra hints that have no corresponding hint tile are displayed as "Unused".)

(If you're using the built-in editor, I can explain for that instead.)
Thanks for reply.

I am using the built-in editor. I actually did find out how to get the coloured walls (by rotating the custom wall) but still unsure how to implement more than 1 hint.
Place more than one hint in the level, and in the properties, instead of writing the texts in the clue box, write in the comments box: Slight smile





OK, then, what H2O said.

You can put a hint in the "Clue" box as well, and it will become the default hint for any extra hint tiles.
Little bug in the built-in editor. The yellow-winged shoes are lablled "floor mimic" on the mouse-over.

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