MapMaker Automated Assistant v1.0
:::                                                                          :::
:::     MMassist.cmd: Chip's Challenge MapMaker Automated Assistant v1.0     :::
:::                                                                          :::
:::                                                                          :::
::: This script uses Ruben Spaans' excellent MapMaker.exe v2.2 to automate   :::
::: the creation of all maps for all levels of an entire group of DAT files. :::
::: MAPMAKER.EXE and MAPMAKER.BMP must be found in the current folder, which :::
::: is then recursively searched for any files named *.DAT, and those are    :::
::: all fed into MapMaker until no more levels are found. The results are    :::
::: named DNAME?000.BMP and placed in folder \DNAME\ where the DAT is found. :::
::: Only pertinent information will be displayed and it is tagged with the   :::
::: DAT's name and level number. A logfile is created detailing this info.   :::
::: Any MapMaker -switches provided on the commandline will be applied to    :::
::: all maps directly, however "-N" is reserved and automatically applied    :::
::: unless the DAT is named CHIPS.DAT. DNAME of any length is supported.     :::
::: MMassist.cmd will give the name and number for invalid tiles and objects,:::
::: and can also be set to skip existing maps as well as auto-correct maps   :::
::: that have the "Thin panel walls + enemy route generation" issue.         :::
::: If Image Magick's CONVERT.EXE is in the current folder, it will auto-    :::
::: matically be used to convert the produced BMP to any image format desired:::
:::                                                                          :::
::: LogName=[Path]Name.ext for the log file. Log not created if blank.       :::
::: MMopt=Additional options for MapMaker. Superseded by commandline options :::
::: FixRoutes=Y will attempt to fix the "panel walls + enemy route" error by :::
:::    deactivating pink balls, then fireballs, then both. Skipped if blank. :::
::: ReplaceMap=Y will replace maps that already exist. Maps skipped if blank.:::
::: SepChar=_ is "DNAME_000.BMP" or "SepChar= map# " is "DNAME map# 000.BMP" :::
::: ImgType=File extension for any image format, CONVERT.EXE will convert to :::
:::    whichever format matches the extension. Ignored if %ImgType% is blank.:::
::: ImgSet=CONVERT.EXE settings for your image. -quality,-resize,-crop, etc. :::
:: created by CirothUngol July 26, 2014

MMassist.cmd can be found in my Google Programming Folder. It's distributed with MapMaker.exe and Convert.exe. It makes short work of creating oodles of maps with proper names and no bad routes, it even converts to jpg, png, etc so it doesn't take tens of GiB. I've ran it throught hundreds of DATs without any problems, but if you experience any please post the issue and the DAT in this thread. Tested on WinXP SP3 only... dunno about MapMaker.exe on Win7 or 8, as I currently don't have either OS, but it doesn't support long filenames (DOS 8.3 filenames only) so it's probably a 16bit app and won't work on WinVista and up.

Programming Folder on Google Drive, look in \WinBatch\.
MapMaker is a DOS program, it's programmed in Pascal, it uses some DOS-only features, so it cannot easily be ported to other platforms (see It has A LOT of direct memory access.

MapMaker is NOT a Windows program!!! It's for DOS!!! That's why you have the 8.3 filename limit.

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