Changing Tile World graphics to CC graphics?
Quote:Actually, you can. The black and white columns version is supported as well.

- Madhav.

What's the largest size of tile I can put in there and what impact does a larger graphics tile have? If there isn't a limit, how can I specify a large tile size? If it's possible, I'd totally make high res textures for it. We're talking like 500x500 per tile. If Tile World itself can handle it, my computer can run it.
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Quote:you can try this one:

Thank you! That's exactly what I needed! It needed some editing because there was a line with different colour at the border of some of the tiles.
Late to the party (again), but does anyone know where I can find CC graphics for atiles? I've seen a few videos here and there with the original graphics but the smooth in-between animations of the Lynx rules, so I know the set is out there somewhere, just not here (been unable to find it anywhere).

EDIT: Figured it out! (solution here for anyone else with the same question)

Just delete your atiles.bmp entirely, and Lynx rules will read from the tiles.bmp, and apply the same image in the in-betweens.

Or, you can copy the CC1 graphics file and name it atiles, still works.

The critical piece of info I was missing was that Tile World Lynx does not need that full-sized jumbo tileset in order to function, it can do just fine with the reduced MS-sized set.

As you found, simply removing "atiles.bmp" (or deleting its entry in the "rc" configure file) forces Tile World to "animate" the tiles in "tiles.bmp". But if you want an actual animated version of the MSCC tileset, check out my brother's mod here:

There are two separate versions, one for normal Tile World and one that supports the iceblock patch.
oh my god his walk... it's so... adorable! It's all wiggly Tongue the balls remind me of CC2, the frog reminds me of the Gruzzles from an old DOS game Word Rescue.

One of Chip's in-between frames is zieging hile?

This is fun! Somebody made a blown-up-to-Tile-World version of the original CC1 set but the bmp had some jpg artifacts around the characters, I've been cleaning them up as best I could to have a clean version, I might have to figure out how to scale this one up without adding too many artifacts. Thanks a million for sharing this!
Quote:One of Chip's in-between frames is zieging hile?

I think the idea was simply to avoid having Chip's arm seesawing up and down while running in profile. Tongue

And you're welcome. Slight smile
Would anyone here happen to have a still working version of this please? The links are all, unfortunately, dead.
(03-Aug-2022, 2:30 AM)drn211 Wrote: Would anyone here happen to have a still working version of this please? The links are all, unfortunately, dead.

I'm not sure where old CCZone files are now hosted, but the image collection I linked is now at I'll update my previous post.
Thank you! I found the the other bmp (tiles.bmp) elsewhere in the forum (staring me right in the face).

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