Welcome to the New CC Zone
Hello everyone,

Welcome to the new CC Zone hosted at BitBusters.club. I've been working hard along side the CC Zone staff team for the last couple weeks to ensure a smooth of a transition from Invision Zone as possible. While today marks the opening of this forum, the staff will continue to be hard at work tweaking the forum settings, adding plugins where appropriate and working through some of the content issues resulting from the transfer process as times goes on.

We've done our best to preserve all uploaded content from Invision Zone, including file uploads, gallery uploads and post attachments. However, you will likely want to review your user profile, forum settings and other important content as soon as possible to ensure everything transferred correctly. Remember that the old CC Zone hosted at cczone.invisionzone.com will only be available until 1-Feb-2020 before it is deleted.

If you come across any issues with the new forum or have suggestions for possible features, please feel free to raise them in the Feedback forum. Alternatively, if you find an issue related to one specific post or thread, you can report it to flag it for staff review. Although the old CC Zone is closing on 1-Feb-2020, the server staff have access to an archived database which can be referenced as needed. Lastly, I would ask that any testing of MyBB Forum features be done on the test forum at smf.bitbusters.club rather than making test posts on this new forum. The test forum will remain available for at least a few weeks so we have an environment to test any potential new plugins.

To prevent possible spambot accounts from being transferred to the new forum, any members with 0 posts and 0 PMs have been moved to a "Pending Deletion" group for removal in the near future. If any accounts have been moved here in error, please let me know by emailing cowman133@gmail.com. Furthermore, a "Bit Busters" user group has been created for confirmed community members which has relaxed restrictions on posting, downloads, uploads and more. If you feel you belong in the Bit Busters user group, please let any administrator know. 

With the forum move, the staff roster has been revised and restructured as follows:

Administrators - community managers responsible for the overall forum operations (events, staffing, bans, etc.) and the technical backend Senior Moderators - moderate within any forum, manage community events and deal with disruptive users
Moderators - have the ability to moderate content within all forums, but are not typically involved with bans or resolving disputes
Thanks to everyone who has been involved with keeping CC Zone running successfully over the years and I look forward to many more years to come!

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