CC2LP1 Voting Server Transfer [Read This If You've Voted]
Hello CC2LP1 voters

For those not on the Discord, I will fill you in on the CC2LP1 voting site situation. The deadline I hoped for was May 16th, but H2O (the webmaster) was unable to sustain the server until then, so we needed to reduce the deadline to May 11th. I've been wanting to move the voting server to since these issues have began, since that server is much more stable. However, I am unable to obtain the user data which links pieguy's site login with our internal voter IDs from H2O's server due to European Union data privacy laws. I've recently thought of a way to be able to transfer the user data by getting the consent of each person who voted on the old server to have their username and voter ID pair transferred to's server.

If you have voted on CC2LP1 and wish to continue voting after May 11th, private message me here on CC Zone OR send me a message on Discord (quiznos00#3068) and I will walk you through the process to obtain your voter ID. Discord is prefered since the process works best if we're chatting live.

Votes made on the current server will NOT be lost, even if you don't transfer accounts. But you must contact me before May 11th, 23:59 UTC if you want your account to be transferred to to continue voting. Voting will be extended on! Date undecided, but it will be at least June 1.
You should probably be playing CCLP4.

Or go to the Chip's Challenge Wiki.

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