9by9.dat (Beta)
A few months ago, while I was experimenting with new ideas for a levelset after my WoCCLP2 project failed, I thought of making a set of levels with a very interesting gimmick - all levels will be confined in a 9x9 space. I approached Josh with the idea, and asked him to collab with me on this project, which he thankfully agreed to do. While the project had been on hold for quite some time due to various commitments on either end, we recently managed to build a combined 20 levels which are confined within a 9x9 space (or at the very least, has the main solving area within a 9x9 space).

12 levels by me, 8 by Josh, sorted roughly in difficulty order. We aim to reach 149 levels someday. The current version is admittedly quite block heavy, but there's definitely more coming in the near future. Feedback would be much appreciated :)

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