Here's my newest levelset, Ida5.dat!

Some notes:

Ida5.dat contains 36 levels. Around 2/3 of the levels were made this year, the rest are older ones. Some are from an old backup from 2009 that I found in my e-mail inbox. A couple are old Create Competition submissions.

All levels are solvable in MS. I just now, before uploading the set, played back saved SuCC solutions for every level to verify that nothing had been broken when rearranging the levels and making minor edits. I’ve also solved them all in MSCC, though that may have been prior to minor edits.

Personal favourites: #13, #17, #18, #22

Ida5-lynx.dat is the same set except I’ve removed 4 levels that are unsolvable and/or don’t work as intended in Lynx, and one level was slightly altered to become solvable in Lynx (it has LX added to the title).

You all of course do as you please, but for the full experience I’d recommend that you try solving the levels first without looking at the map.

I welcome feedback to the levels. I don’t think I will make any edits to these particular sets (unless there are major issues), but I am currently compiling a larger set that will contain all (almost) of my levels, and can make edits to the levels before the release of that set.

Please consider these levels along with Ida3 and Ida4 for all future CCLPs, unless I by that time have released IdaR1.dat in which case you can consider that set instead, and unless I compile a special submissions set instead, in which case obviously that would be the set I want considered. :)

Happy chipping!

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