December 2020 Create Competition - Extraterrestrial Research
A Create Competition is a level design contest where anyone can make a level or levels from a given prompt or theme, which are then judged and ranked, with feedback. Whether you're a veteran designer with hundreds of levels or have never made a level before in your life, your submission is welcome here!

This competition requires use of everyone's favourite CC2 addition, the rover. Time to get creative with it! Admittedly an offshoot of last month's ideas, but I wanted to see what kind of creations could be used to utilize the rover creature to its fullest untapped potential. Simply put, add a rover, make it the main part of the level and go from there. The rover must be doing something and not just idly sitting in a walled off section or something of that nature.

To keep judging fair and balanced, I'm enlisting the help of my ex-son, Mrs. Milky Way Wishes (Sickly Silver Moon) to ensure a large variety of level preferences are used when considering what has been submitted.

Some administrative details:
  • Submit your level(s) to either Sharpeye468#9238 or A Sickly Silver Moon#4836 on Discord or by PM on the forums before January 10th. Extensions will be granted on a case for case basis depending on who bribes me enough money, or if one is needed because there are creative ideas flowing.
  • There is no limit to the amount of levels you can submit, but only your best 4 levels will be considered for ranking, so please specify which 4 you want considered in case you submit multiple over the time period.
  • Please ensure that these are new levels. I don't want to play nonsense from currently existing packs, or anything that was submitted for CC2LP1. Inspiration from the levels may be used (as I don't think there are too many options for these darn things).
  • Levels should be solvable and replays are required.
  • I will save looking and spoiling the levels for myself until the day of the judging process in which Mx. Moon and I will be going through the levels in a collaborative method, most likely through a discord stream.
  • If you have any additional questions, don't hesitate to ask either directly or in this thread.
Reminder that there is another week or so left for submissions (unless someone requests an extension!) I look forward to seeing everyone's designs!
Someone has requested a one week extension in order to finish level designs, as such all entries must now be in before Sunday January 17th. I look forward to seeing everyone's levels!
Hi I'm A Sickly Silver Moon
and I currently develop SuperCC and work on levels from time to time

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