Level sets not opening
I am trying to add additional sets to the ones I have but I can't get them to stay open.
I'm going to assume you're using TW (Tile World), if that's the case then when you add a DAT file (a typical levelset) to the data folder, you also have to create a corresponding DAC (info file) in the sets folder. I recommend opening one of the included DAC files to see what you need to copy and change for a new levelset.

Alternatively you could just add the DAT file to the sets folder itself, but that only allows it to be played in one ruleset.
Hi I'm A Sickly Silver Moon
and I currently develop SuperCC and work on levels from time to time

I also made the world's best CC2 tileset: Lunar
[Image: ZYZWJuE.png]
As well as a very fun CC1 tileset: CGA
[Image: RWZdY7b.png]
What are you using? The original CC, or one of the community clones?
Technically, the original CC would be the 1989 Lynx release.
I am using tile world
I have gotten a couple more sets to open but they're not saving my progress when I close them.
There are a couple other sets that I am trying to download that I am not able to open with tile world such as micro chips and cc1 blobs.dat and a few others

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