My submissions for CCLP5.  Contains 100 levels.  Most of these are from C1059-1 and C1059-2, but with minor changes to fix busts and other issues.  Also contains a few new levels that were never seen before.

Unoptimized MS and Lynx TWS files are included. A few levels have several solutions, in which case the two TWS files display different ones.

.dat   C1059-CCLP5.dat (Size: 87.82 KB / Downloads: 12)

.tws   C1059-CCLP5-Lynx.dac.tws (Size: 27.62 KB / Downloads: 8)

.tws   C1059-CCLP5-MS.dac.tws (Size: 24.05 KB / Downloads: 8)

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