April 2022 Treasure Hunt + Mini TT
We kicked the door open for Time Trials last month, so let's do so for a Treasue Hunt this time!

April 2022 Treasure Hunt - Cinco de Mayo

.dat   CINCO-DE-MAYO.dat (Size: 1.47 KB / Downloads: 190)

This is a Treasure Hunter level designed by ChosenID. Your score is not determined merely by time, but also by how many chips and keys you collect.
The deadline is May 5th (naturally). The official competition uses MS rules, but Lynx solutions (which will differ greatly) are also acceptable.

The level has a time limit of 55 seconds, and the chip counter starts at 55.
You can gather as many keys and chips as you want in the allotted time, but there is a significant bonus for ensuring that the counts are multiples of 5.

+ You must reach the exit before time expires, 1 point per second left.
+ 0 points for fire/water boots.
+ 1 point per chip, 5 points extra if number of chips is a multiple of 5.
+ 5 points for the green key (using it does not subtract points).
+ 2 points per red, blue, or yellow key.
++ color bonus: N points for N keys of a given color if N is multiple of 5.
(equivalently: 3 pts/key for such a color, rather than the normal 2 pts/key)

As an example, say you reach the exit with 2 seconds left on the clock, and 37 chips, and having gotten 3 red keys, 7 blue keys and 5 yellow keys. You get 2 points for the time you still have left, and 18 points for gathering 18 chips. You do not get the 5 point bonus for collecting exactly 5,10,15,20... chips. You get 6 points for your red keys, 14 points for your blue keys, and 15 points for your yellow keys. These all add up to 2+18+6+14+15=55 points as your total.

Tiebreaker priority order: most red keys, blue keys, yellow keys, chips, time remaining.

Send your solutions to Miika on Discord, or his email valeosote at skipthisword hotmail youknowtherest.
You may send in a tws file that you have actually played, or even just a route you found, perhaps using SuperCC.
Please include a calculation of what you think your score is, if you bothered calculating it.

Chip Cup points will be awarded on the usual 15-12-10-8-7-6-5-etc basis, naturally. Additional Chip Cup points may be awarded for best Lynx (or even Steam), and mayhap for the best score executed in Tile World.

Hope you enjoy!

But that's not all we have for you!

April Mini Time Trial - Think Big Box

Last month in the Time Trial we had a relatively simple level to solve, Thinkbox, that still had some interesting features from an optimizer's perspective. ChosenID wanted to try and expand the concept and now we can have a go at the result. You'll find the level as the fourth one in the newly updated and attached minicomp.ccl.

.ccl   minicomp.ccl (Size: 2.93 KB / Downloads: 185)

But what is the difference between a mini TT and a traditional TT, you may ask? Some of the previous minicomp levels have been slightly simpler or more monotonous than we usually like to have in a month long TT, but this level is not quite like that. I think here the difference is that we can talk about the routes we find without needing to send them in to be judged. So please have a go at the level and post any comments and scores you have directly either in this thread or on Discord (where the most appropriate place might be the competitions channel). ChosenID has a few solutions of his own already in his pocket, but I think he'll enjoy observing how the rest of us like this level before he releases them.

As for Chip Cup points, you are awarded 5 for finding the bold route (or maybe even for getting close), 4 for scoring a relatively competitive route, 3 / 2 points for solving the level and discussing it, and 1 for showing up in some other manner. It's not so much about the points as creating some discussion and shared experiences around something, but we might as well reward participants a little bit, right? :-)

There you go! Now you should have at least a bit of stuff to do for next weekend. I wonder when the next Create Comp will launch...

Wow, are the results already here?!
Why yes, of course.
Why do you even ask?
Maybe because I've never taken this long to compile and release the results, so apologies.
I'm especially penitent about not reaching our normal standard in running these competitions when the levels used were from a new designer, ChosenID.
This was not meant as a slight to you, so thanks for understanding that life just got in the way.
(Mainly it was the summer, but a bit of life too, and a healthy dose of procrastination. :-) )

Anyway, let's look on the bright side, that the results are here and we have new competitions on the horizon!

April 2022 Treasure Hunt - Cinco de Mayo RESULTS
1. Tomsbananacakes 168 points (3+40+5+45+45+30) [15 Chip Cup points]
2. Miika           165 points (5+35+5+30+45+45) [12]
3. Ida             139 points (3+30+5+30+45+26) [10]
4. Piccoflute       86 points (9+30+5+18+12+12) [8+2]

Congrats to Tomsbananacakes for taking the top spot! Piccoflute also sent in a Lynx solution scoring 43+11+0+6+6+6=72. This was the best Lynx solution submitted, for which you are awarded an extra 2 Chip Cup points.

As the designer of the level, ChosenID did not want to include his own solution as part of the competition. I suspect you will share your über solution(s?) with us though. ;-)

Thanks to everyone who participated!

April Mini Time Trial - Think Big Box - RESULTS

The people who solved and talked about this level on Discord are awarded some Chip Cup points:

5 pts pieguy - 228
5 pts ChosenID - 228 (plus 226 drowning the Teeth)
4 pts Miika - 223
3+1 pts Piccoflute - 201 (plus 200 Lynx)

Without the Teeth, the optimal time for the item swapping itself was just a second quicker. Here are the moves for the bold (even step):


Hopefully I didn't miss anyone on either level or mess up other things, but with this delay all mistakes are possible.

That's it for now! Thanks for tuning in.  Star


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