May 2022 Create Competition - Fill in the Scribble
Hello! JSON here with May's level competition (a little late, sorry!)


This month I thought a fun competition would be to "fill in the scribble" (inspired by videos such as these). The goal is to create a level out of at least one of the three samples I've provided. The intention is that the "scribbles" are simple enough that you have some freedom to expand them the way you think fits best!


* The main rule is that the non-empty tiles that are already in the level must stay, otherwise do whatever you would like!
* You are allowed to put items on top of or below anything that's already there (something on water, something under a block, etc.).
* Make as many levels as you'd like! If you have multiple submissions, I will consider only the best one for scoring, but having multiple levels will increase your chances I like one :)
* Any ruleset is allowed, as well as both CC1 and CC2. Please specify which ruleset I need to play it in.
* CC2 levels should stay the same size as the sample so that you aren't given any additional room to work with than CC1 levels.
* Deadline is the end of May (per usual contest rules, ask me for an extension and you will likely get it - the "true" deadline will be whenever I judge the levels)!
* Levels will be judged on a mix of how well the scribble was included and my overall enjoyment of the level.
* You can either DM me on Discord at JasonDREWlo#7781, or DM me on the forums, or reply here with your submissions!


Scribble 1
[Image: level.png?width=905&height=905]
Scribble 2
[Image: level.png?width=905&height=905]
Scribble 3
[Image: level.png?width=905&height=905]

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