CCLP5: Voting Begins!
Greetings, fellow Bit Busters!

We’re excited to announce that voting has officially begun!

A few things we encourage you to keep in mind as you play through the levels:

- Each level pack will be provided to you in a random order. In order to unlock the next one, you will need to submit ratings on at least 40 levels in your current pack.
- Ratings are scaled from 1 to 5, with 0.5 increments.
- The goal is to provide an accurate representation of how much you’d like to see each level in CCLP5 based on as complete an understanding of each level as you can build. As much as you are able, please play through the levels in the actual game before you rate them. While tools like editors and emulations with undo features like SuCC and Lexy’s Labyrinth can be helpful, we encourage you to avoid using these as a shortcut to solving or understanding levels. If you absolutely find yourself stuck, feel free to use the provided solution files only as a last resort.

Please let us know if you have any questions!
Greetings, Chipsters! The CCLP5 Staff has set a date for the end of voting: October 31, 2023. This will give everyone almost five additional months of voting. If you haven’t gotten in your votes yet, now is a great time to start!
We are only a few weeks away from the end of CCLP5 voting: October 31, 2023! If you haven’t gotten those votes in yet, be sure to jump in and evaluate the levels you have yet to review. We’re excited for this set and hope you are as well!

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