Argo's Challenge: A Pokémon-Themed MSCC Mod
This mod for MSCC changes the graphics, text, music, and sound effects to be Pokémon themed, while also including PGChip, T-Chip, ccpatch, and Fullsec baked in. Argo the shiny Slowbro (who is based on a shiny Slowbro I myself trained in the actual Pokémon series) must collect Leftovers (which is a reference to the item my aformentioned in-game Slowbro uses) and get to her Great Ball (again, a direct reference to the ball I caught the original Argo in) in a variety of levels in order to join Poik's club (Poik is the poorly-drawn Slowpoke in my profile icon). The included levelset is CCLP1, though, since this is just a modified version of MSCC, you can replace it with any levelset you want. Hope you all enjoy!

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