Chip's Challenge Digits
Long time no see everybody, it's been almost 6 years.

Anyways... look what I found.

I thought these were lost forever after Yahoo Groups shut down. Turns out they were archived all along before the Yahoo group shut down. (I think I remember adding these in MSCC when I played part of CCLP1 back in 2017)

There are 30 different color combinations to choose from. The first color in the filename is the "warning color" when you get to 15 seconds left/have 0 chips left. The second color is the "main" color (level number color, when you have more than 15 seconds and if you chips left). yellow-green.bmp would be the default in this case. With these you can swap green and yellow or even just entirely choose your own two colors, like cyan and red I remember seeing in one YouTube video. In Josh's old CC LP's he used magenta-cyan.

To use these, go to CCHack at , go to the graphics tab there and below the 200 click "import" and import whichever .bmp you want to use, then write that to the .exe. (Only works for 16-bit MSCC)

I may make a YouTube video on how to use these colored digits later. 

Credit to Jacques for providing the original files to Yahoo Groups.

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