December 2023 Time Trial - Use Your Brain
While Santa's Workshop and the CCLP5 Staff are both undoubtedly busy at work, it's time of a Time Trial!

.ccl   CCZ-TT-2312.ccl (Size: 3.2 KB / Downloads: 38)

The twist this time is that you may use tools to route your solutions manually, but do not use computer assistance in calculating what that route is. No TSP solver, no variation tester or even YASO. You may still send in your route only, so it's not required to actually play the levels in real time. (I considered awarding an extra Chip Cup point for doing that, but there's nothing in the levels that makes that necessary.)

Speaking of the levels, this competition consists of two such entities:
  • The Root of No Evil - here we revisit three of Jeffrey's levels from 2015, combining them into one experience. Hopefully you find it a fun task to work through.
  • Octominorridors - Some concepts work better than others for this series, and this is one of the ones I really like. What do you think?

There are two bonus levels in the set. The first of these, Xoctominorridors, is a glimpse into my process for creating the polyomino levels, where I tend to try different versions of a concept, including different polyomino arrangements, and then pick the one I like best. You may also send in your solutions to this level, which I was considering using as a tie-breaker if needed. The final level, The Root of Pure Evil, is an earlier version of the first one that I wanted to share. From a designer's point of view it is a stricter combination of the levels Jeffrey made, so in that sense it is purer to the source material even though I decided to change a few tiles for the level used for this competition.

Send your MS solutions to me at valeosote at hotmail dot com before the end of the year where you live. If you have any questions regarding the competition, those I can answer most simply on Discord on the competitions channel for everyone's benefit.

[Image: TomStare.png] Get to it! [Image: sunglasses.png] 


1. Ihavenoname248 (554+238=792)
2. Hornlitz       (553+237=790)
3. ChosenID       (552+237=789)
4. M11k4          (549+237=786)
5. G lander       (541+227=768)

I had to twist some arms and extend the deadline to get some submissions, but at least I got a fourth place finish out of it! Congrats to Jeffrey for a triumphant return to the competitions! :-)

I was going to attach the winning routes as json files, but that is apparently really dangerous so you can copy them yourself from here:


{"Moves":"d-r-r-d-r-u-r-u-l-l-u-l-u-u-u-u-r-d-r-r-d-d-r-r-d-l-d-r-u-u-r-d-r-r-d-l-d-l-d-l-l-l-d-d-r-r-r-d-r-r-r-u-u-u-r-u-l-d-r-r-r-r-r-u-r-r-u-l-u-r-u-l-d-l-u-u-l-u-u-u-r-d-r-d-r-u-u-u-l-u-l-u-l-u-l-u-l-l-l-l-l-r-d-l-l-d-d-l-u-u-l-l-d-l-d-d-l-r-r-d-r-d-r-d-r-d-r-r-r-l-u-u-u-l-l-u-r-u-r-r-u-r-d-r-d-d-r-d-l-l-d-r-d-d-d-d-r-r-d-d-d-d-l-d-l-d-d-d-d-d","Seed":"0","Step":"EVEN","Rule":"MS","Encode":"UTF-8","Initial Slide":"UP"}

 Can't wait for the next one! 


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