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Over a decade ago I released a set of levels that were made for and by our daughter. Back then our second daughter was barely walking, but now it has come time to release a set for her! Nella, I hope you enjoy this silly set made for you. :-)

These fifty levels are a showcase of what sort of levels a young designer will put together, and what sort of levels a father will make for her to play. The difficulty level does ramp up as the set goes on, but hopefully not to anything insurmountable. I hope you find some level of enjoyment in playing these levels, just as we did making them.

No ccx-file included this time around, yet. Any feedback and comments are always much appreciated by the designers!


What's in kindfair.ccl version 1.0 ?
  • 49 levels, solvable in both MS and Lynx
  • 30+53 Teeth monsters
  • about 256+215 keys
  • 2,034 chips required
  • combined 37,276 seconds of time limit (over 10h), ranging from 13s to 13,225s
  • (I played through the set in an hour right before this first release)
  • no refunds

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