April 2024 Create Competition - Mosaic
Greetings. It's Tuesday, which means it's time for another Create Competition. This is CC1-only.

A mosaicist takes pre-existing objects, breaks them up, and arranges them into something new. Your challenge is to channel this medium by making a level from pieces of levels of any of the five Chip's Challenge Level Packs. Think "Quantum Entanglement" from JBLP1, which I didn't find until after I had the idea for this competition.

Here are my capricious and arbitrary restrictions:
  • You must take tiles from at least 5 levels.
  • You must take 16 to 81 tiles (inclusive) from a level.
  • The tiles you take from a level must be contiguous (i.e. connected at one or more edges to another tile from the same level). Your level pieces do not have to be perfect squares; if you use more interesting shapes, I will be more interested.
  • You can't rearrange the tiles you take from a level, but you can move the entire set of tiles from its original location. For example, if the original level has a yellow key at (0,0) and a yellow door at (0,1), you can't swap the key and the door, but you can move the key to (16,16), the door to (16,17), and all the other tiles 16 spaces right and down.
  • You are allowed to change trap and clone connections.

I suspect that making a good, novel level will be unusually tricky, so the deadline is May 14 at 23:59 UTC, six weeks from today. I'm willing to grant an extension if people are having trouble. Please submit one level with a list of the levels you used via Discord DM or forum PM. Levels which are unsolvable or which break the rules will be disqualified.

I'll use the same criteria I used last time. I want to have fun, I like puzzles over melee levels, I want you to adhere to the spirit of the competition, and I will be impressed if the level looks good. But the last time I hosted a create comp, the 5th place level made it into CCLP5. So feel free to ignore my feedback entirely and just have fun with the prompt.

If you have any questions, please ask them in this thread or in #competitions on Discord. (Like most people, I check Discord much more often.) If there's an important clarification or change on the Discord, I will cross-post it here.
Update: I had a rule here about only using levels from one CCLP, and I have removed it. However, if you feel overwhelmed by the task of choosing from 745 levels, consider narrowing down your options to one CCLP.

Update 2: I also forgot that rulesets are a thing because of CCLP2, and that CCLP3 also plays with rulesets a little bit. I'd prefer cross-compatibility, but if you want to submit your level under a specific ruleset, I won't call the cops on you.
I've only received one submission for this competition so far, so I'll tentatively push the deadline back a few weeks to the 4th of June.
I'm going to cancel this competition. I could wait for more submissions indefinitely, but my personal life has been a whirlwind lately and I don't know when I'll be in the mood to play Chip's Challenge again. I still think this is an interesting, if difficult, idea for a level.

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