Poll: Should CCLP5 be patched to fix Another Perspective?
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Yes the set should be patched for this
13 59.09%
No the set should NOT be patched for this
9 40.91%
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CCLP5 Patch Vote: Another Perspective
As some of you may be aware, recently an issue was discovered with Another Perspective (level 110) in CCLP5 and it was heavily discussed if it should be patched or not. The specific issue is that a recessed wall was accidentally added at (3, 14) in place of a wall, which made it so that the level was no longer a mirror image as it was designed. This was an error introduced by the original designer during the submission process that was not caught until after release, however it is an important thematic level and was one of the highest-rated levels in voting. Given opinions were highly divided on the issue, it was decided to hold a poll for one week and allow the community to decide what should be done.

The specific issue can be seen here, this is the bottom of the level where Chip starts:
[Image: attachment.php?aid=2260]
and this is the top:
[Image: attachment.php?aid=2259]
note the added recessed wall that breaks the mirroring.

Other issues to note is that this could change solutions to the level and cause incompatible scores in future, however it's currently believed that any score achievable by using this recessed wall can be easily achieved without it. Alongside other issues like the set update not reaching out the local community to others who have likely already downloaded and started playing the set.

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