The Best Chips Challenge Level
After a brief discussion in #sandbox on discord, I wanted to bring forward the idea of a big poll to determine what the best chips challenge levels are (both by set, and then overall). I wanted to avoid previous polls in the past that used a bracket system to determine the best levels in a head to head matchup as I figure they could be flawed in their methodology.

In this case, the polls are broken down into each of the CCLPs (lol I forgot CCLP5 originally which is why its 223, and the overall one is 224), and then there's a final one with all 870 levels in it. The concept is simple, the poll will show two levels at a time, you click which one is better, repeat.

Eventually (I'm not sure how the new "AI-generated analysis" works, but let's pretend it does) with enough results, the site is able to aggregate the results of all of the voting, to then predict which level would win in a random simulation. The level with the most picks should obviously have the best chance of winning.



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