June 2024 Create Competition - Item Bestowal
Hello, in order to satisfy my desire for more CC2 content I am holding a CC2 create competition. Item bestowal is a CC2 glitch that was discovered shortly before CC2LP1 submissions closed, so not too many levels have explored the concept yet. It allows dirt blocks and all monsters to pick up items they normally couldn't, e.g. a fireball could pick up flippers and be able to safely travel over water.

The only rule of this competition is to create a CC2 level that uses item bestowal in a creative way. Giving items to ghosts, rovers, mirror players, and bowling balls does not count as item bestowal since they can normally pick up items. You can read the Wiki article linked above for more details.

Send your submissions to me via forum message or Discord (my username there is quiznos00) by 2024-07-01 4:00am UTC. You may submit up to 3 levels which should all be solvable.

If you want some inspiration, check out these existing levels which use item bestowal and have replays available:
* Walls of CC1 #123 (The Iceworm Cometh): has dirt blocks (which transform into ice blocks) with hooks
* Same Coin #13 (Sharktooth Lagoon): has teeth with flippers
* TSBeta #15 (Cybernetically Enhanced): has a tank with suction boots, a yellow tank with a hook, and a teeth monster with flippers and a helmet
* C1059-CC2 #226 (Gifts for Gliders): has gliders with many different items
All four use the "force floor method" for item bestowal. TSBeta #15 additionally uses the "animation method" to give the helmet to the teeth monster and the yellow tank/block variant of this method to give the hook to the yellow tank. You can ask more questions in this thread or on Discord.
You should probably be playing CC2LP1.

Or go to the Chip's Challenge Wiki.

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