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One strange thing about being away from participating in the CC level design scene consistently for several years is that returning to the editor doesn't quite feel as natural as riding a bike for the first time in several years. Design trends shift; even the way people play the game somewhat shifts as well. The last time I made a 149-level set, it was around the time CCLP1 was being produced. I created JBLP1 as something of a reactionary response to my previous level design efforts that made the cut for CCLP3. With that set's high difficulty, perhaps something easier was in order, and it certainly helped that the community was producing a level pack that seemed to be assembled with many similar sentiments at the forefront. Between then and now, we've seen three official set releases, one for an entirely new-to-us CC game, one a Lynx-compatible version of CCLP2, and the fairly diverse CCLP4, which saw many of the design trends seen in CCLP1 evolved a bit further.

So with all of that as part of the community's history, and with many designers trying to find their voice in the world of CC2 design, it seemed like as good a time as any for CC1 design to experience a bit of experimental renaissance as well. Perhaps not everything had to be a crowd-pleasing medium-weight level, or a neatly symmetrical design, though those certainly have their place. But there was still that element of where to even start with respect to design. That's when the latest level design trend offered a solution: the Walls Of level. Although Joshua Bone's Walls of CC1 (built for CC2) was the first to begin construction as a full reimplementation of an official level pack, Jeffrey Bardon's Walls of CCLP4 was the first such reimplementation to be fully completed. As a collective whole, CCLP4's walls offered some of the most open-ended redesign opportunities of any official set, and Jeffrey exercised a lot of care in ensuring that he built in concepts that complemented the layouts with which he worked while also giving them a distinct personality of their own.

After recording a full Let's Play of Walls of CCLP4, I was energized to begin construction on my own full Walls Of set. CCLP1 felt like the next best thing, and arguably more than CCLP4, it provided a decently wide range of level sizes in addition to wall patterns. If anything, I knew building an entire set out of an official set's walls would stretch me as a designer in ways I wasn't used to, and force me to embrace unconventionality that I wasn't normally so quick to embrace. The first level, Miniature Overture, was built on April 18, 2018, somewhat as a shoutout to Jeffrey's set opening with a layout from an Archie Pusaka level. From there, The Manhattan ProjectOpen Circuit, and Crown Jewels were built within that one night, and the rest of the set took off from there. Many of the most difficult levels were made within the first third of the set being built, which helped define some degree of expectation of what the difficulty curve could look like (certainly steeper than CCLP4). I took a break after building the 60th level, Just Passing Through, but would return to the editor in September while on a business trip to construct the next stretch of 20 levels, starting with Every Bomb Has a Silver Lining after I thought about building a spiritual successor to Color Coordination. After building level 80, Chip! In! Spaaaace!, I took another hiatus to focus on optimizing, but later came back in the new year to build the remaining 69 levels within an eight-week sprint, starting with A Mine Is a Terrible Thing to Waste and ending with Manaan on February 28, 2019.

Looking back, I'm thankful for the various opportunities to get out of my design comfort zone. I probably wouldn't have had the idea for, say, You Break It, You Buy It if I didn't have Present Company to work with. Half the challenges in Color Disaster Inertia probably wouldn't exist if Utter Clutter wasn't such a tightly constructed set of walls that inspired outside-the-box thinking. And the unusual layout of Booster Shots pushed me to use a palette of tiles in some fun ways to create Slick Slimy Slurpee. Every challenging layout crossed off the list felt like a personal triumph and urged me to keep pressing on and continue designing, and I'm so grateful for that. Overall, I'm fairly happy with how the set turned out!

A few notes on the distribution: this download contains a .zip file with three versions of the set, much like Josh Lee's Walls of CCLP3 (which was also inspired by Jeffrey's set as well!). The "unlabeled," vanilla version, Walls_of_CCLP1.dat, is the intended way to play through the levels and is ordered mostly by difficulty. Walls_of_CCLP1_A.dat is the "wall order," in which all the levels are ordered by where their originating counterparts appeared in CCLP1. Finally, Walls_of_CCLP1_B.dat is the "design order," in which all the levels are ordered by when their first version was completed. Most updates from this point forward will more than likely be minor.

Enjoy playing, and be sure to leave a comment! I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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What's new in version 1.2.3:

- Sand Through the Hourglass: moved exit to lower left corner, replaced old exit location with red door, and added new red door to upper left corner to enforce optimal key usage while maintaining choice between which section to do first.

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Walls of CCLP1 v1.2.0 is here! Here's a complete list of changes. The set is available on here and the bitbusters.club GliderBot repository; unfortunately, I can't update it on pieguy's site due to the time limit changes without completely replacing it, so I'm still deciding on what to do there. Enjoy!

Updated hints: Square One, Secret Jungle Laboratory, All Creatures Great and Small, Tetromino Troves, Quantified Nerves, Scrap Heap Scraper, Etiquette and Espionage, Dumbbell Dichotomy, Bargaining Chip, Chill or Be Chilled, Origin Zero, Slick Slimy Slurpee, Petrichor, Ski Resort Town, Sand Through the Hourglass, Monachopsis, Incendiary Cocktail, Mystic Marsh, Canyon of Lost Color, A Key for Every Door, Down the Rabbit Hole, Antique Television Set, Twilight Struggle, As Above So Below, Clubhouse Nuthouse, Shiveria, The Manhattan Project, The Most Interesting Block in the World, Open Water Diving Certification, You Break It You Buy It, Sherbet Desert, Flotsam and Jetsam, Factory Direct, Dead Man’s Switch, Block Buster 3 in 2D.

Increased time limits: Secret Jungle Laboratory, Quantified Nerves, Crosswalk Crossing, Balls to the Wall, Scrap Heap Scraper, Etiquette and Espionage, Dumbbell Dichotomy, Like Sunday Morning, Mini Pyramid: Winter Expedition, Topiary, Chill or Be Chilled, Somewhere Along the Line, Wild Child, Feat After Feat, Ski Resort Town, Through a Mirror Dimly, Miner Setbacks, Red Black and Blue, Canyon of Lost Color, Penny Arcade, Lampyridae Lair, Drawn and Quartered and Quartered, A Key for Every Door, Down the Rabbit Hole, Between the Lines, Antique Television Set, Bento Box, Spaced Out, Twilight Struggle, Hazy Cosmic Jive, Chomp and Circumstance, Sewer or Later, Hot Button Issue, Bramble Scramble, You Break It You Buy It, Rational Kite Shoes, Unidentified Frying Object, Wasteland Express Delivery Service, Dead Man’s Switch.

Aesthetic changes / changes that will not involve recording new solutions:

- Up-Down Town: title changed from Miniature Overture.
- Quantified Nerves: moved hint and added south thin walls near suction boots.
- Balls to the Wall: added outer blue walls for decor.
- Closed Circuit: replaced left-side blocks with clone machines and moved hint.
- Sewer or Later: replaced blue walls with teeth cloners.
- Clubhouse Nuthouse: swapped invisible and appearing walls.
- The Walls Are Closing In: replaced outside dirt with gravel.
- Bramble Scramble: replaced invisible walls with appearing walls.
- Color Disaster Inertia: title changed from When One Door Closes.

Changes that may or will require recording a new solution:

- Alien Frontiers: replaced tanks on fire with walkers.
- Aeronautical Engineering: removed toggle wall from fireball path and replaced chip / FF section with different layout.
- Like Sunday Morning: replaced bomb in tank corridor with ice.
- Topiary: replaced sockets in SW with closed toggle walls to prevent bust.
- Incendiary Cocktail: replaced key room section with different layout.
- Reverse Valley: redesigned blue door area and added floor tile to red door area.
- Blade Mountain: replaced two walkers with gliders.
- Chicanery: added gravel tiles to fireball room.
- Flooded Neighbor’s House: redesigned SE corner to remove extra block.
- Bento Box: replaced outer blocks with dirt.
- Spaced Out: replaced glider room at end with new room.
- Closed Circuit: redesigned NW corner.
- The Most Interesting Block in the World: moved chip socket, moved thief in center area and replaced original location with recessed wall, adjusted location of right ball in toggle button room.
- Secret of the Scarlet Key: replaced walkers with gliders.
- You Break It, You Buy It: redesigned right-side room, added trap button under ball, added new FF path to trap / exit to enforce stable monster pattern and lack of toggling.
- Schrodinger’s Hedge Maze: removed one walker and moved remaining walker to center.
- Block Buster 3 in 2D: redesigned ball cloner room and replaced FFs with green buttons, added trap button mechanism to prevent green buttons from being pressed.
- Hazmat Transportation Exam: added extra block to walker room.
- Culmina Crater: moved blue door in center recessed wall area to prevent a bust.
Walls of CCLP1 v1.2.1 is here with a few updates:

- Canyon of Lost Color: updated hint.
- Hazy Cosmic Jive: redesigned end section with itemswapper.
- Crown Jewels: added fifth block.
Walls of CCLP1 v1.2.2 is released with a small update:

- Hazy Cosmic Jive: corrected solvability issue with new itemswapper at the end.
Walls of CCLP1 v1.2.3 is here with one update:

- Sand Through the Hourglass: moved exit to lower left corner, replaced old exit location with red door, and added new red door to upper left corner to enforce optimal key usage while maintaining choice between which section to do first.

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