CC Zone Survival
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When the Fireballs take over, how long can you survive?

When the Blocks go crazy, how long can you survive?

When your fortress is overrun, how long can you survive?

This set contains the Survival levels that have been used for competitions.

, by Lessinath, from September 2012

-Block Madness
, by Lessinath, from April 2013

-Underground Fortress
, by Lessinath, from April 2013

-Dance of Death
, by Lessinath, from April 2013

-Perpetual Motion
, by M11k4, from October 2014

-Impending Demise
, by Lessinath, from October 2017

This set is not for the light-hearted. The objective in each level is to survive without dying or possibly cooking the level. For the sake of your mental health, it is not actually recommended that you even attempt these levels.

You can find more information on the competitions in their respective threads in the competitions sub-forum. A great big thank you to Lessinath for coming up with so many of these levels!

I would say 'enjoy', but with this set it's more appropriate to wish you well!


What's New in Version (17-10)
  • -combined first five survival levels into one set
  • -added 'Impending Demise' as sixth level
  • -added exits to the first level
  • -levels #2-#5 can still be survived 'indefinitely'

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