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The levels for the April 2017 Time Trial.

Not Random
- by SugarHue123 and Miika Toukola (three versions of this level, #1, #3, #5)

- by Miika Toukola, inspired by Tom Patten (two versions of this level, #2, #4)

Also, the templates for the April 2017 Create Competition are included in this file (levels #7-11).

Check the competitions subforum for threads on both these competitions!


UPDATE: the final room in the first level proved to be too annoying, so the update removed two of the pink balls there from the monster list. Previous solutions should not be affected, nor anything in Lynx, but now in MS the level is slightly more reasonable.

What's New in Version (2.0)
  • Made the first TT level easier.

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