Chips Inauguration
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Chips Inauguration has 2 -1/2 levels. The first level is a revised version of a level that was in "Bridges" levelset.

The second level is the second half of level #1 as it would be once Chips arrived at the end of the southern half of the level. If you have not seen or played the level from "Bridges" I would suggest that you play the first level first before the new third level which has new ideas but similar to level one. It's just more difficult and it would be helpful to have had some experience with the overall layout by playing levels 1 & 2. The reason for this is that there is a time limit of 999 on all levels and one needs time to figure out the last part of the level before running out of time and having to start all over again from the beginning.

Ian Wilson- (membership ID is "thinker". I will check into my slot to see if anyone is asking for help, or offering suggestions, and comments, etc.)

What's New in Version MS & Lynx v2
  • A community friend pointed out a flaw in V1. I deleted the version and am now uploading the fixed level.

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