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Here are 80 levels I hereby submit in consideration for CCLP4.

This set features the following:
  • 50 levels from NeverStopGaming

  • 6 levels from NSGRejects

  • 22 levels from 60 Minutes

  • 2 unreleased levels

Do to the way levels are ordered in this levelset, this could also be treated in respects to an actual levelset. The .dat file is named NSG-Extended for that reason.

What's New in Version 1.1
  • Made some minor changes to a few levels:
  • 8. Tourist Attraction: took out some fire to make fireballs more visible
  • 23. Limitation: changed recess wall to a blue wall to avoid being trapped
  • 35. Claustrophobic: added walls around teleporter
  • 40. Tour Up Hill: added sockets to fix bust
  • 75. Eruption: added a force floor to lower difficulty
  • 76. Notion Crazed: changed the description of the hint tile

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