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This is my official submission set for CCLP4. Please disregard my other sets; this one has all the levels I want to be considered with unworthy levels taken out so as to not waste anymore of anyone's time. This is something I should have done with the other CCLP's.

Notes: 30 levels

Level 5: SUBLIMINAL: Removed hidden message that could be seen from the editor; perhaps should be renamed if voted in.

Level 6: MONSTER HOUSE II: Removed ruleset-specific aspects, can now be completed in both equally (did not test)

Level 12: HAVE BLOCK, WILL TRAVEL: Edited upper section that could be seen as kind of unfair. I actually like this version better and will probably edit the original to fit this. (Did not test.)

Level 13: PORTMAN: Removed meaningless hint

Level 14: BRUTE FORCE: I'm including this one because I like parts of it, but overall I'm dissatisfied with it. Perhaps the number of tanks that show up when you hit the blue button should be cut in half.

Level 15: OUTSIDE THE BOX: Long shot, but undeniably my hardest level to pull off.

What's New in Version 5
  • Changed the water at 15,26 back into a monster-only mechanic, which had led to getting the fire boots early due to an oversight by me. Edited the hint correspondingly.

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