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This is a CC1 levelset with 61 levels, all of which are solvable in MS, and should be Lynx compatible (except the last level). I would like these levels to be considered for CCLP4 (except levels 30 and 53).

The difficulty of the levels ranges from easy to hard. If any busts or other issues are discovered, I'll be sure to fix them as quickly as possible.

I want to thank Michael for his help playtesting the set.

I hope everyone enjoys. B)

What's New in Version 1.5
  • -Level 1: Added gravel to (16, 18) to fix bust
  • -Level 3: Fixed exit area to prevent block slapping onto trap button at (9, 26)
  • -Level 5: Replaced red door at (18, 18) with a wall, fires at (4, 15) and (4, 17) with gravel, and removed the block at (6, 16) to remove minor ruleset inequality of the paramecium dying in the fire in MS
  • -Level 49: Removed gliders at (15, 26) and (16, 25) to eliminate bust, forcing Chip to clone fireballs
  • -level 60: Moved trap button to (22, 28) to (21, 30) and removed bomb at (28, 30) to make ending section beatable in Lynx

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