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CCLXP2 is finally here!

This is CCLP2 modified for Lynx by the community. The beta version of this set was released last year, and here is a game play update that should be final. There are still plans for including better documentation but no more changes to levels are planned.

Included here in the zip is a rough ccx file and dac file and short readme, but you can also download just the set itself. Thanks to all the people who made this possible!


-Miika and the CCLXP2 Team

Confirmed solvable? Yes, Lynx only (description has not meant for MS play)

What's New in Version 1.0
  • No more beta.
  • #28 - Madness I - Added a couple thin walls to fix a bust.
  • #39 - Yike-O-Matic - Removed a block that was not needed after all.
  • #59 - Lot Of Danger - Added water for visual effect.
  • #81 - Just Enough - Changed a tile to a thin wall, making things simpler and avoiding a
  • bust.
  • #95 - Checkerboard II LX - Added gravel to avoid the possibility of mimicking the MS bust.
  • 105 - Yet Another Puzzle - Added more bombs to be more in line with the original.
  • 112 - After the Rainstorm - Fix bust.
  • 119 - Teeth - Edited mechanism to not require odd step.

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After completing this set I want to say it is now one of my favorite level sets I have ever played. in my opinion the difficulty compared to the original CCLP2 is a little bit easier since I am not a huge fan of invalid tiles. 2 levels I can think of are Frozen Birdbath LX (130) and Frostbite (139), those levels made the original fully invalid tile levels a lot more clearer. Some of the harder levels in this level set could be Glider and Fire (96) since the gliders do NOT burn in lynx, nevertheless a good challenge. I especially had a lot of trouble in the notorious Cloner's Maze (147), particularly getting the yellow key. Thanks to rubenspanns for helping me on that level. Zatarcla (135) is severely busted due to flicking the hot block right next to the exit, still as always I like to do it the intended way. Thankfully, there aren't too many frustrating levels in the set but the one that really made me angry was Run-A-Muck (146). That fireball where the 6 chips doesn't make that room any easier and the different tooth monster mechanics to enter the fireball room guarding the trap button is challenging too. Overall very good level set along with the MS version of CCLP2 with a twist of difficulty that kind of intervene with each other.

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