April 2015 Create Competition Levels Packaged
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Happy Birthday Noomi!

This set collects all the levels submitted for the April 2015 Create Competition. These will be played and judged by my 10-year-old daughter Noomi. Here is a list of the designers (in order of receiving submissions), and I will reveal who made which level once the results are announced. (I will also update this set afterwards.)








J.B. Lewis



The levels are ordered by me after playing them. I placed a level from each participant at the start of the set, (these were mostly the easier levels,) and the rest later on. Hopefully this will be a fair way to experience them when judging. I made some small changes to a few of the levels, some of which might be just for this edition. One such thing was translating several (though not all) of the hints to Finnish. (I did not change any of the level names.)

I usually thank all participants for the submissions, but this time I really want to thank you from deep within for helping me make something special for my daughter. THANK YOU!


UPDATE: ver 2.0 now reflects the rankings that Noomi decided on. See the thread for more details Slight smile

What's New in Version (2.0)
  • Changed order of levels to reflect rankings.
  • Restored designer names to level titles.
  • No more translated hints.
  • All levels as submitted (like original time limits).

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