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The third community-produced official level pack for Chip's Challenge, originally released on March 28, 2014. This set contains 149 levels that can be played in the MS and Lynx rulesets and is meant to serve as a legal alternative to Chip's Challenge 1 that introduces new players to the game.

Key features:

- 149 levels that will tickle your brain and your fingers

- An all-new, epic story with new characters who reveal more about Melinda the Mental Marvel and the Bit Busters Club

- Lots of amazing CHALLENGES

- Rooms to explore that are so spacious, you'll want to pack up and move into one

- This one really hard puzzle that you won't get but you'll look it up online and not tell anybody

- All your hopes and dreams

Confirmed solvable? Yes

What's New in Version 1.0.0
  • Initial release.

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A short review of some of the levels in CCLP1

Level 38 - Heat Conductor (time limit 600)

Heat Conductor finds Chip using portals to run back and forth picking up keys needed to obtain boots and hit switches. When he finds the fire boots he can explore the rest of the level and collect all the chips.

Level 57 - Key Farming - (time limit 350)

Keys are hidden in icy caves around this level. Chip must use them correctly or he may find himself stranded without the neccessary equipment.

Level 68 - Flames and Ashes (untimed)

With a key in one corner and a block cloner in another, Chip must move blocks to direct a flame to the bomb that blocks the exit. The path is riddled with fire tiles and loops which can have Chip wondering where the flame is as it meanders through the puzzle.

Level 79 - Quincunx (time limit 175)

This level may remind some of the "Price is Right" game Plinko. Chip must move down through a pyramid shape and collect chips while avoiding the fire tiles. Chips are interlaced with portals that send him back to the top. Each time he reaches the bottom he returns to the top for another run. When all the chips have been found Chip will find the exit at the bottom center tile. Great fun!!

Level 80 - Nitroglycerin (time limit 350)

This level is set up with flames stuck in traps along the top of the puzzle. Chip must find the trap release buttons while collecting chips amongst the bombs that litter the field. Each flame will explode another bomb to allow chip to progress further in the level, until he finds all the chips and reaches the exit.

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