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This set collects all the levels used for Time Trials. It was initially compiled by Tom Patten, but now kept up to date by Miika Toukola. New levels will be added in here for your convenience. This set is also included in the Goodie Bag, though that version might not always be quite as recent as this one. You can also get a ccx file for this set in that release.

So far the set contains 94 levels that have been used for competitions, some more than once. The designers of the levels included have been

Tom P


Andrew R

Dave V

J.B. L

Josh L

Rock G


Ben H

random 8


Miika T



James A

Thanks to all of the above, as well as anyone who participated in the competitions. Without you, this set would be pretty meaningless Slight smile

What's New in Version (19.2)
  • Added new competition levels through September 2019.

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.dat   CCZoneTT.dat (Size: 93.48 KB / Downloads: 415)
Set updated to 135 levels, including all Time Trial levels up to those from December 2023.

.dat   CCZoneTT.dat (Size: 107.94 KB / Downloads: 83)

Keep chipping!

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