CCZone February 2014 Create Levels Packaged
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<span style="font-family:helvetica">Here are the levels created for the February 2013 Create Competition!

There were eleven submissions by eight participants. The levels are listed in their ranking order. See the thread for details.

The levels included are:

Condo Management
by Flareon350

Blast from the Past
by mobius

Screws and Nails
by Ihavenoname248

by jblewis

Seven Layer Salad
by lookatthis

by chipster1059

Zehn Fleuer
by Flareon350

by pillowpc2001

Lucid Dream
by BlazingApollo

Caesar Salad
by Ihavenoname248

by jblewis

Thanks to all the participants! I'm sure they would also love to hear any more feedback from anyone who plays the levels
Slight smile

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