CC Zone Competition Goodie Bag
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It is finally here! Inside this download you will find all the entries to the Create Competitions for the first four years from when CC Zone was created, as well as all the Time Trial levels to date. These are split into three sets that each come with a ccx file summarizing some of the info related to the competitions. A total of 28 people made these 123 unique competition levels that were part of 48 competitions. That's quite a bit Slight smile

Update: now added the next two years worth of competition levels too! I didn't do the exact calculations like above, but there are 74 new Create levels and about 20 new Time Trial levels as well.

So the sets you are getting (along with their accompanying ccx and dac files) are:





Thanks to all the people who created these levels! They are an important part of CC-history.

This compilation will be updated when needed. Like if you want to comment on one of your designs included in this release, it can be added into the ccx file. You can also expect us to add more files to the collection once there is enough material. All feedback is appreciated.


What's New in Version second release
  • Added CCZcreate2013-2014.dat and friends.
  • Updated CCZoneTT.dat (ver 15.5).

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The long wait is over! People have been counting down the days to the release (at least that's what I think was happening on Discord). It is finally here! We present to you the Version Third Release of the CC Zone Competition Goodie Bag!


-the CC Zone Staff

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