The Last Few Chips CCLP1 Nominations
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These are the levels from my series (The Last Few Chips) that are up for consideration. There are 25 levels total, and this set contains the most recent versions of all the levels (bug fixes, name changes, and ruleset adaptions).

I was initially going to email this to the CCLP1 staff only, but I then realized that not sifting through 450 levels to find the 25 levels up for consideration would be easier.

What's New in Version 3.1
  • Fixed a solvability issue in The Perks of Dodging a Block (level 20),

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.ccl   TLFC-CCLP1_candidates.ccl (Size: 14.41 KB / Downloads: 333)
2007-2011: The Last Few Chips Volume I: 400 CC1 levels. Plot | Playlist —coming soon eventually.
2009-present: The Last Few Chips Volume II: Quasar Industries: 143/157 WebCC levels. Playlist
IN DEVELOPMENT: The Last Few Chips Volume III: 13/450 levels.

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