The Ludicrous Stage
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This Level Pack will wear down your patience 'cause this one's gonna take a while to beat, and it's my first upload. So Yippee-ki-yay.

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The monsters won't be able to move onto the random force floors in MS, but it will be hard enough like that.

That means that first level might be next to impossible in Lynx.
To give the set a favorite part was #5, a pretty-well-put-together monster dodging level, all things considered. It's a genre I don't particularly love, but the design of this level kept me interested through many, many failed attempts.

I'm afraid I didn't really care for the other levels, though. Three was intriguing but short, too short. Two was too simple. Four was unquestionably obnoxious (random force floor dodging is evil) and used invalid tile combinations for no good purpose. And the actual level itself was...well, it's not badly designed, but a level that long is just not fun to play.

It was worth playing for #5 but I didn't put more than a few minutes into the actual Ludicrous Stage, and I don't think most people would care to play or finish it.

I look forward to your next set. Experience will help guide your to make better levels.

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