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When my daughter was five, I started making some simple levels for her to play. Those levels grew into this set. Included are some levels that she also designed! (And a few from my brother too.)

These fifty levels are supposed to be an easy starting point for younger players to try this wonderful game, even though some of the later levels might prove too challenging. Not that they are ever very hard for more experienced players, but still they stray away from this initial concept. For the most part expect a leisurely play through that should allow you to enjoy your evening :-)

This newest version has some levels reworked to play much better than originally. I also made a ccx file that is available in the zip file, but if you don't want this just grab the latest ccl by itself (30.19 KB).

Thanks for trying out the set, and please keep it in mind when voting for CCLP1. Any feedback and comments are always much appreciated!


P.S. am planning to release a ccx file with a simple story line at some point.

What's New in Version 1.0 with ccx
  • level order shuffled:
  • 32->38->35->32.
  • 33->39->36->33.
  • 34->37->34.
  • name changes:
  • #10: Gathering Clovers -> Gather the Clovers
  • #45: Reverse Circle -> Reverse Circles
  • Removing all periods at the end of some level names.
  • reworked these levels:
  • #8 : Manner Matters - fewer chips
  • #18: Lake Lake - more interesting block arrangement
  • #22: Transylvania - restructured
  • #24: A Basket of Apples - added pop-ups under blocks
  • #25: Center of Affection - made easier
  • #26: Head for a Dime - restructured
  • #37: Blue Around the Clock - reconcepted an area
  • #47: Beans on a Broomstick - restructured, now requires all chips
  • smaller changes to these levels:
  • #13: Winging it - more chips required
  • #14: Cross of Ages - lowered time limit
  • #23: Simplify My Life - added gravel (now easier)
  • #42: A Cuckoo's Nest - cloning mechanic altered
  • #43: Sad and Lonely - most appearing walls changed to walls
  • Might have changed some hints here and there, and probably forgot about some other changes too.

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